Monday, December 30, 2013


is my entry for 
Weekly Challenge
Last night when I was laying in bed, I was thinking about time, and what I was going to do for this weeks challenge. And that's when I thought of "Gosh, how time flies!" How many times do we say that? "I can't believe that another year has flown by!!!! Let's hope it was a good one for everybody! 

Please make an effort to go to Every Inchie Monday, and see everybody's great Inchies. And I do have to say, Chrissie and Cathy, your whole year Inchie displays are MAGNIFICENT!!!  Even though I started this wonderful world of Inching late, you have inspired me to want to create a 2013 Inchie page. (it just won't be a full year) ! But now I can't wait to (hopefully) do a whole 2014 year of Inchies!!!
Thank you soooooo much, Trillian, for creating such a fun, creative,
mind bending, challenge for us every week!!
I am having, way too much fun!
And thank you Inchers for your inspiring comments that you leave on my blog!
What a great lil' group of Inchers we are!!

Peace be Yours

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


(And Thank God we have it!!!!)

Pictures taken on top of a Pizzelle. Click on photos to enlarge.
 Again this was a difficult week to make a decision!! SSooooooo many things came to mind. So this first one reflects my Italian heritage. Pasta, Fish, Bread, Cheese and Vino for dinner. For dessert Pizzelles, Canoli, Woochadatta, and Italian Cookie.

I had to take this picture on a plate that my Slovakian Grandmother gave me,.
For the other side of my heritage it's Slovakian food! Cabbage Rolls, and Pierogi for dinner and then for dessert it's Apricot, Prune, Nut, and Poppyseed Kolache!!

This next picture is of a yearly tradition that came from my father's side of the family. (And I really don't know where they got it from.) Anyway, every New Year's Eve, we put out on our table, these three foods. A head of Cabbage which represents "Prosperity", a thing of Salt for "Wisdom", and a Loaf of Bread for "Food". This is a wish for these things for the upcoming year!!

I can't believe I actually did this post on Christmas Eve!!!! 

Wishing you all a 
Very Merry Christmas!!

Peace be Yours

Friday, December 20, 2013



"May you and your loved ones be
Blessed by Christ's Love,
Have Joy in Your Household,
Find Peace in Your Hearts,
Give with Compassion,
Be Healthy and Safe
Always be Thankful!!!"

Copyright design and artwork by Annette Carlo (click on image to enlarge)

and see you 
next year!!

Peace be Yours

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Every Inchie Monday
   This week was not difficult for me to come up with something, but it was hard for me to decide which one I wanted to use. So, I'm using them both! I kept thinking of the days I took my pregnancy tests to find that "I was Pregnant"!!!!Seeing those two pink lines meant that I was pregnant!!! 'PURE JOY'!!
   I also thought, JOY means, the gift of waking up to each new day!!! 
   Not only am I waking up each day, but I am en'joy'ing my three kids, my husband, and basically 'LIFE'!!!! And that's when it hit me,..........LIFE is JOY!!!!
I put my Inchie's on eggs to take this picture because I love eggs and they symbolize  'life'!
Please go to Every Inchie Monday, and take a peek at the other Inchies and maybe you'll get inspired to join in the fun!!!

Peace be Yours

Monday, December 9, 2013


Weekly Challenge #148
"Happy Merry"

 I first did the lettering in gold gel pen and then I used pencil to do all of my tangles and then faded all of my lines. 
"This is what Christmas means to me!!!!"   
To view larger image just click on photos.

"Thank you Laura for always putting so much of your time and talent into these wonderful Challenges! And I am so looking forward to all the different ways people celebrate their  holidays!!!
Enjoy your vacation and do hope to see you in 2014!! " xo
After I took my picture I just felt it needed color! Because that is what Christmas is about too!!
I just want to give a thanks to Kate Ahrens CZT at 1 Art Lady Kate, you were my inspiration for the holly, using Laura's tangle Boo*Kee*, from last week! I just fell in love with your challenge entry and it was perfect for adding a little color to my entry this week!!!  Thanks!
I know it is a busy time of the year with hustle and bustle, but may you find that quiet moment
and find
*Please remember to visit my blog even though there will be no Weekly Challenge from the Diva. I have a real time consuming piece I've been working on as a gift for my secret pal in Bunco. I want to share it with you. It will be Zentangle and Quilling together! So please don't forget to stop by next week!!! And if you Join and Follow my sight, you'll be the first to see it as a pop up and/or on Google!!!

(thing is, sometimes, things find you,........)
Ever have that happen to the bottom of your shoe???? So did your shoe find it or did the gum find your shoe???

For all of you Inchers, we'll see you next week!!!
Don't forget to take a peak at all the other entries at Every Inchie Monday!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Weekly Challenge #147 UMT v.XXIII
"Oh BooKee Tree"

When I drew my string for this one, I wasn't really crazy about it and then I turned it upside down and that's when I thought of a Christmas tree!!! So that's where it all began!!! BooKee would work wonderfully as a garland on a tree! Anyway, once I started, I thought, what did I get myself into? I should have made my Featherfall much larger. This took me two different sittings to finish it! Anyway, it was fun!!! Thanks Laura, for creating such a fun tangle and for sharing it with us!!!
Zentangles: Featherfall, Boo-Kee, Purk and Fengle
Close up. To enlarge click photo

"Crazy,......not me!"
And yes, sometimes in this busy, crazy, life of mine, I feel like I need to be put in one of these kinds of jackets. The good Ole' Straight Jacket!!! I don't know if these are still used or not but this is my version of the word.

Straight Jacket:
Please, come and join in on the fun at Every Inchie Monday, or just stop by and look at very body else's Inchie!
Peace be Yours
Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you have a chance to get in on the fun or just stop by the other blogs and view all the other amazing artists!!
Ps. If for some reason you try leaving a message and it doesn't work, please try on my Facebook page or Google! I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Weekly Challenge #146
DuoTangle Pea-nuckle/Well
at I Am the Diva CZT

I kinda kept it simple this week!! I've go a lot of things to do for Thanksgiving!!
I really enjoyed Pea-nuckle!
(There is a special thanks to you Laura, for always keeping us tangled, in this tangled world! And to all of you fellow tanglers, Thank you so much for sharing your talents every week!! I am always in awe at what I see!! Please take a peak at my previous post called 'A Big Thanks!')

Every Inchie Monday

I wanted to draw a lasso and then I thought let me do it catching a heart!!!
Gotcha!!!! That's how fast someone can grab your heart and ta da, You're in Love!!!!

I placed my Inchie on a carnation that I had on my table to take this picture. Inchies are so small that it fit right in it!!!
Please check out the Inchie blog to see all of the entries!

I know only the US celebrates this holiday but I just want to share this with everyone!!
click to enlarge
Please, feel free to print this image and share with kids, loved ones to color!! Maybe while they're on Thanksgiving break and/or Thanksgiving day placemats!! Please visit my last post A Big Thanks to see my finished work.
 Here are two images that I give you permission to print and use within your own homes!!

click to enlarge
This is a fun little ditty! Me and a group of mom's, called the Cookie 'Mom'sters,  created this little recipe to hand out to students at school in hopes that they may read it at their gathering and maybe start a new tradition of their own!
Feel free to make a copy and share it within your homes!

Peace be Yours

Please all other images are copyright and not for use without permission.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Artwork and Design by Annette Carlo (copyright)

This is going to be a special thanks to all those who got me interested and inspired to start my Zentangle Path!!!
   My journey all began on Pinterest!! I started a board that I called Zenfundoodle! I had no idea that there was an 'official' art form called Zentangle! As I would pin, I somehow came across the real "Zentangle"!!! The wonderful creators and founders are Rick and Maria! "You two have no idea how much your art form has affected my life! Yes, One stroke at a time!!! I thank you, every time I put pen to paper!! You have changed my world, for the better!! Many Thanks and many Blessings!!" Then, as one blog led to another, I came across, Laura's blog, I Am the Diva, CZT, with all of her challenges! "Oh my goodness!!!!I never knew and now I want to be a part of this wonderful family of Zentanglers! Laura your challenges actually make it easy to create, because someone is telling me what to do!! Thank you!!"(It's kinda like when I have to make dinner and the hardest part is figuring out what to make. If someone just told me, it would make my life so much easier!!) And then once I started entering in her challenges, (which has only been two months) I have met soooooo many wonderful artist out there!!! And I'm talking, all over the world!!! "So my hat's off to all of you, Thank You, for being so inspirational and sharing your beautiful work , week after week!!" And then there's Linda Farmer, at TanglePatterns. "Thank You, so much for listing all the different zentangles, official and non. I bought all of your editions of Tangles, once I found out there was such a thing!" I had started a notebook, on my own,  from Pinterest, to Diva's challenges, to Zentangle, and to Tangle Patterns. I have quite a lot of patterns now and look forward to many new ones!!! So here's my big Thank You, to all of you!!!

Rick and Maria, Zentangle
Linda Farmer, Tangle Patterns
Zoe Brener, The Specialist
Bev Tonks, Twinchie Challenge
Trillian, Every Inchie Monday

(this list will grow as my Zentangle Path continues)

Peace be Yours 

Monday, November 18, 2013


Bobbles, Bangles, and Quibs
Weekly Challenge #145, New Official Tangle, 'Quib'
I Am the Diva CZT

I had a lot of fun with this one! Thanks to Rick and Maria, founders of Zentangle, for always coming up with new and exciting Tangles to keep us all inspired! And thank you Laura, for always challenging us to use these tangles, every week!!! You're awesome!!!

Anyway, I first thought of the ocean and something moving freely in water. Then I went to the dark side and envisioned one of these evil creatures from one of my husbands favorite movies, The Matrix!! But yet again, inspired by my one of my kids, I went with jewelry as my inspiration to create this one! My daughter plays with my old, somewhat broken and tangled pieces of costume jewelry. And it rather, looks pretty!! So here it is!!

click on image to enlarge
I used bronze, copper, and gold gel pens I bought at the .99 Cents store!
Here is another photo that I used Noir effect on my phone ( I just finally figured out how to add it to my blog!.... Technology,  it's a love / hate relationship!!)
They work really well. And then I used the tangles
Confettus, Ragz, Pendrills, Heartvine, and Cruffle. Be sure to visit I Am the Diva CZT, and Zentangle! Also visit Linda Farmer at Tangle Patterns to learn how to do so many tangles and strings!!

but for me I know there are a lot of things older than me!!
And yet, things I grew up with are 'OLD' to my kids!

So here's some trivia!
1)What was the brand of this phonograph?
2)In what state did this phonograph get made?
3)What was the dog's name?
And last but not least,
4)What year was this picture published in a magazine?

Don't forget to check out what else is "OLD", on 

Twinchies Challenge

I used chalks for the background and drew the silhouette and used my white Sakura, Souffle' pen . Just don't look too close at their faces, heehee, I didn't do the girls justice!!

I don't know how familiar any of your are with this Television series that ran from 1976-1981.But can you tell me the names of the actresses that played the original Charlie's Angels cast? If you guessed Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson, you are right!!!
Thanks Bev, from Twinchies Challenge
for presenting, yet another fun challenge!!

Enjoy your week!

Peace be Yours

Monday, November 11, 2013


I Am the Diva CZT
Weekly Challenge #144
"A Bugs Life"

It's funny how kids can be an inspiration in so many ways! I asked my three lil' kiddos what bug I should put in my challenge this week. And of course, each one came up with a different one, so I had to put all three of them in there!
click to enlarge

I camouflaged my Praying Mantis, amongst Aura Leaf, my little cricket is an Eye Hook, and my snail is Snaylz Trayl. And of course I had to add my favorite, Mooka!! I used Sakura Souffle' pens for the pastel colors (those are the Sakura pens I have, so I wanted to use them). I also used watercolor paper, which I found the Sakura Souffle's to work wonderfully!!!
I gotta 'bug' on outa here,
so have a Blessed Day!!
Ps. please check out the Sakura YouTube video "A Bug's Life In a Zentangle World."
Peace be Yours 


Every Inchie Monday's Weekly Challenge,
the word is
Okay, so my inspiration for the wide mouth frog, comes from a joke. And it goes like this.
   There once was this little wide mouth frog. One day he decided to visit all the other creatures of the world. He came to a duck and asked her (with his wide mouth) "Ms Duck, what do you eat?" She told him she ate little fish and bugs. He said he ate bugs too. Then he saw a giraffe and asked, "Mr Giraffe, what do you eat?" He told him he ate leaves and so the frog went on. Soon he came to a crocodile. "Mr. Crocodile, what do you eat?" "I eat wide mouth frogs," said the crocodile. So the little frog 'puckered' his lips and said, "Oh is that so?" (ba da bump! hahaha) 
   It's actually funnier when you see the person telling the joke. Anyway, maybe you could share that with your little ones. My kids love it!!!
Take a peak at all of the other entries for this challenge, and then come and join in!

:0) Peace be Yours

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Tissue Paper Pumpkin Project for Kids
(wow, try and say that 5x's fast)

 Do you remember doing this kind of project back in grade school? I like to bring up these oldie-but-goodie types of kid projects for my kids, that I did back when I was little. I remember having so much fun with this!
Supplies you will need
  • Paper with drawn outline of what you will be filling in 
  • Tissue paper squares (for this project I used 1"x1" squares, because the surface we were covering was so small) but you can cut them up to whatever size you want, depending on the space you will be filling in.
  • Popsicle stick, coffee stir, anything to help adhere your tissue to the surface.
  • Glue (any kind of kid craft glue) I used Elmer's glue
Place the popsicle stick in the middle of the square,(making sure not to poke it all the way through the tissue paper ) scrunch the paper, dip the end in glue and then place it upright onto your surface. Each time one is place onto the surface, make sure they count to 5 in order to get each one to stick.

They should be puffy and 3D looking. Now my three year old kinda ended up scrunching the tissue into balls and placing those in the outline. It worked too! It just had a different look to it!

click to enlarge
Have fun with it! And remember, you can do this with any outline, and /or any Holiday! Pretty fall leaves, with multiple colored tissue! Easter eggs at Easter, or even flowers! It's endless what can be done with this project! Anyway, it would be nice to see your finished projects when your done!
Have fun!!

Peace be Yours

Would love to hear what you think! Sharing your comments might inspire some one else!! :0) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Weekly Challenge #143
UMT v.XXII- 'Cruze'
by Caren Mlot, Tangle Mania!

Some of my lines are not real solid, a little waverly, but that just means I need to practice this tangle!
 I really did like working with this tile, though. It looks difficult until you see how Caren breaks it down. Anyway, I used Cruze, Angel Fish, Triadz, and a little bit of Zuan Shi!
So don't forget to pop in and see everybody else's version of 'Cruze'.
over at Diva's Challenge!


I used my Micron .005 pen, (LOVE those tiny itty bitty nibs), and my egg punch tool, and then I altered it!

So many bottles that contain poisonous and harmful material, if swallowed, have this symbol on them. (I guess this could also be a danger notice for 'PIRATES AHEAD'!!!!) haha who knows…?

Check out all the other Inchies,
They are a lot of fun to make!
Seriously, on an inch by inch square,………
what might you be able to create with and inch and one word,…?

Have a Blessed Week

Peace be Yours


Tuesday, October 29, 2013



"Watch out Mr. Withers, we meddling kids are gonna GETCHA!"

LIGHT IS,........

Every Inchie Monday Challenge
My little rain cloud is actually raised and in the photo it's giving off it's own shadow!I was actually pretty happy with that added little dimension! Cloud punch tool, White sakura pen, and a quilled lightning bolt!

The storm is getting further away!
Counting after the lightning,
and waiting,.....
and waiting...........
for the

Peace be Yours

Hop on over to Every Inchie Monday,
and join in the fun!

Weekly Challenge #142

So, obviously free form, organic, flowing, forgiving lines and circles are
my comfort zone!!! LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!!
Detail and outlining are even more comfy, cozy to me!!
So with that said,
"Sorry 'CHARLIE' I really didn't do it justice!  Can you tell it wasn't my favorite? Now, I did find a little love for Canard, when all was said and done." I'm definitely, not a square person. (Although some people might beg to differ with that) hee hee  What's crazy though, I love squares when it comes to decorating in my home, but drawing and zentangling,.............Yeeeeeeks!!!"  


This was one of the most difficult challenges, and not very pleasing to the eye!!!
But as always, Thank You Laura, for helping us cross that line!!
It was fun, but I found myself holding my breath many a times!!!
Although this was difficult, it really was the FUNNIEST  challenge!
Reading everybody's posts and looking at their tangles, had me in stitches!!
(It was as if I heard everyone cringe and screech as they did their tangles) 
Don't get me wrong, a lot of them were awesome!
It was just funny to hear what people like and don't like!!
I was able to relate with some, and others, I was the total opposite!
Anyway, that's what makes the world go round!!

#8 Animal Instinct


As soon as I saw what the challenge was for this week I knew what I was going to do!
Being that my astrological sign is LEO, I had no other choice but to do
what's in my blood!!

Peace be Yours


Ps Comments are always welcomed and returned!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do Some Doodling

Do Some Doodling

I thought I would go a little pumpkin'able', for this challenge.
"look at this Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"
(It's actually only 2" but don't tell!)

 Peace be Yours

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


'STORM' on outa here!!!!!

Click on image to enlarge,

The word for the 
challenge this week, is 'STORM'.
Well, instead of using it as a noun, I was thinking more
of an action word. A verb!
(don't ask me why I need to make things difficult for myself, it drives me crazy!!!)

Peace be Yours

Please check out the Inchie Monday Challenges and give it a try! It really is a challenge!!



Duotangle-Weekly challenge #141
and see all of the amazing entries!

I had never done either of these Tangles so I had to practice on some scratch paper before
I even attempted to do a tile.
These two tangles were alot of fun, and work really well together!
Thanks again Laura for giving us a new challenge!

Peace be Yours 


Monday, October 21, 2013



I am having sooooo much fun in joining all of these wonderful challenges!!!
(and to think, I've been missing out on all of this creativeness)
Anyway, thanks to my new found friend,
Zoe, at My Specialist, blog.
I have found the 

Here is my entry for the Twinchie Challenge
Think Pink

Thank you Zoe, for the inspiration to do these challenges, and for the idea to use an easel to display them! 

As soon as I heard the word pink, I knew it had to be about 'a girl'.
With having two boys first, when I was pregnant my third time, I just wanted
to have a girl, so bad!!!! I just wanted to see 'Pink' in my laundry basket, instead of just 
blue and green!!! (I got my pink! Thank you God!)  :0)
Anyway, here it is!!!

I have this problem, as I'm sure most of you do, I can't throw away any tid bits
of papers or quills that I've started. Because I might just be able to use them for something.
Right? Anyway all of the little flowers you see on here were from punch tools that I had
saved and from quilled projects that I had done.
So I didn't have to work hard on this!
I just had to draw and assemble!
So don't throw out all of those lil' tid bits and do dads,
you might just be able to use them for another project!!!


Peace be Yours

*Please come and join the fun 
and challenge yourself with an
Inchie or Twinchie!!!
"It is sooo much fun!!"

Monday, October 14, 2013



Here's my first try at 
The word for this week is 'dispute'.

Inspired by the song, "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off".
Check it out on YouTube. Rosemary Clooney/Gene Puerling
were just two people that sang this popular song.

A special thanks to Zoe Brener at My Specialist,
for referring me over to Every Inchie Monday!!
I think I could have a lot of fun with this new kind of challenge!!!

(Ps. I am still having troubles getting the Every Inchie Monday image link 
onto my blog. Any helpfuls on that??)


I am the Diva- CZT, Weekly Challenge #140,
has given us a challenge using tiny dots. It's not really a Zentangle pattern, but Laura
says it is a good design to add to any pattern. I can see how it could add to any design.
It's like a method of shading!

Here is my version, of this design!
For some reason, as soon as Laura talked about using tiny dots, tiny particles,
entered my mind. And what better way to show tiny particles,
is with Mr. Wind, blowing them around.


Peace be Yours

Let me know what you think....

Saturday, October 12, 2013




1 lb. of ground beaf
1 can of kidney beans (drained)
1 onion
4 tomatoes
8 oz Catalina (Kraft) Dressing
4 oz. grated cheddar cheese
Doritos Nacho Cheese chips
Romaine Lettuce
Avocado (optional)

   In a skillet, brown your ground beef, drain excess grease. Put back on stove and add can of drained kidney beans. Cook for another 5 minutes on medium heat. Set aside.

   Dice onion (I usually use a brown onion) and tomatoes. Put in large salad bowl. 
   Now add your ground beef mix to your onions and tomatoes. Then add grated cheese and Catalina dressing, and mix. In your hand crunch up a 1/2 bag of your regular size Doritos Nacho Cheese chips. (not family size bag)
And mix it all together until you see that everything is coated with dressing.
   Have your lettuce chopped up in sizable pieces. And add taco mixture over the top of your lettuce. Garnish with slices of avocado and a few more Nacho Cheese chips, and Wahla!!! Enjoy!!!
   *for other variations you can add Hot sauce, Taco sauce and/or even nacho cheese. It's up to you!
Feeds 8

This recipe is one of my go to's when I don't have a lot of time!
Kids love it!!
 I add hot sauce to individual bowls, not everybody's palettes
are used to spicy, yet. 
One of the best things, you won't feel miserably full after your delicious meal!

Mangia Mangia!!


Ps. As always, your comments are welcome!!  Peace be yours, Annette

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



I am the Diva, Weekly Challenge #139
"8s Parte Dos"

"8s Parte Dos" was created by Jane Eileen. Check out her blog
See Jane Run, and see 2 more variations of her
8s Zentangle!
Thank you Jane for sharing your awesome Zentangle with us!
And thank you Laura for choosing this for your UMT vXXI!
I will tell you, it was quite a doozy!!
(I personally feel like I need to work on this one much more, and I look forward to mastering it!!)
I was sooooo impressed with EVERYBODY'S tiles and their variations!!

This month of October, is Cancer Awareness month with pink ribbons.
Please take a peak at One White Whiska. Kelly Hull also Zentangled with a pink ribbon! :0)
 The pink ribbon hit home for me this week because
 a really good friend of mine just told me that her cancer came back.
She is an 'Awesome woman', I just love her!!!
So I want to dedicate this Zentangle to her!!
The 'Love You' is to hopefully remind her and anyone else suffering from
cancer to not forget to love themselves!!!
My friend is such a beautiful person, inside and out and is loved by so many
people that I hope that she can still see what we see and
love herself!!
"Judy, this ones for You!"
Because , I DO!

Peace be yours

(*I just ask if you could please send your prayers of healing
for my friend Judy!)

PS Thank you, to everyone that takes their time to leave messages! I do appreciate you! XO

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun With Borders


 Here is my version of
Weekly Challenge #138 Fun With Borders!

My inspiration for the border was brought on by the long shag area rug
in my family room. A wall unit for holding wine bottles, a large basket, and a plant that
hangs down from the shelves.
Thank you Laura, for the inspiration, to look at everything,.....
with a Zentangled eye!!!

No matter where you look, there is a 
pattern of Zen that could be bordered with
even more Zen!!!

"Go get tangled 
in your surroundings!!!
Come on, 
I dare you!!"

Peace be yours

PS As always your input is welcome! Annette

Friday, September 27, 2013

My "FIRST" REAL Zentangle!!!!


I received my beginners kit from ZENTANGLE!
(Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts are the founders and creators of the official Zentangle)
You must check out their site!!
I was sooooo excited! And I was so impressed with the packaging and it's whole
presentation, and of course, the quality of the products!!! I haven't yet watched the DVD, but I can't wait to have the time to do so!
So, of course, I had to try something out right away! 
And since I had entered a drawing into the 'I am the Diva-Certified Zentangler' last
week, it got me motivated to do a "REAL" Zentangle!!!
So here it is,
my Weekly Challenge #137 for blog
"Duotangle- Knights over Tipple"!!!

I used my own paper, instead of the beautiful tiles that came in my kit, because I want to save those for when I get more practice, and probably for a special project!!!!

I got the string pattern for this Zentangle from TanglePatterns!

Anyway, it's been sooooo much fun! And like I had said before, 
Zentangle, Doodling, Zen'fun'Doodles, are sooooooooo addicting and it is
soooooo true, it is soooooooo relaxing!!!
Please, give it a try!

(quoted by Sandy Steen Bartholomew)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teacher Doodle Appreciation

Teacher Doodle Appreciation

   I actually did these for the kid's teachers at the end of their
school year!
    I bought the cardboard letters, painted them the school colors and then I zen'fun'doodled on a piece of paper and put it in a frame and wah-la!!!!
(note: I'm using the term zenfundoodle, because I respect the whole art of Zentangle and I don't want to take away from it!)I use a lot of zentangle patterns but I also blend in a lot of doodling, and plane ole' drawing.
   ( I hope to learn the true art of Zentangle! And when I do, out!)

This one, "P'", is the finished look! After I was finished
with my zen'fun'doodle, I then had the kids in the class sign their names on it. Kindergarteners were so much fun to work with!

I adhered the letters onto the framed glass, with the heavy duty,  glue dots!

Here's the finished "F"! I wanted to try out the pens for writing on glass. (DecoArt glass paint marker) So that's what I used on this one. Not to sure I was totally happy with it. It was pretty translucent! And to try and get 1st graders to rewrite over their already printed name was a challenge!

 And thanks to all the 40% off coupons that Michaels and JoAnnes  gives out, the frames I bought were next to nothing. The $.99 cents store is also a good place to find inexpensive frames.

I was happy to see that at the returning to school this year, I visited their last years teachers, and they had these hanging in their classrooms! It made me smile!
Anyway, enjoy, and I hope this puts a little inspiration in your bonnet!!!
Really this idea could be used for any kind of gift or decor.

Peace be yours

PS.  As always, any comments are welcomed!