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It was time to update my photo. Since, I had chopped all of my hair off at the beginning of April.

This blog is mainly about my passion with paper and pens and art. Since I was a little girl I have always loved them. From scrapbooking, card making, doodling, coloring, and everything else you can think of, I got into. Then many years later my mother introduced me to quilling. She had never done it, but had all the materials to get started. So we sat down, together and "Ta Da". I was hooked! It is such an amazing and enjoyable art, and now I can blend that with the other paper goodies, that I like to do!!!!
   Now I have to add, that without Pinterest, I would've never found my new relationship which is Zentangle! I get to use pens and paper!!! I'm so excited to have new creations develop under my fingertips!! I am having so much fun and have a new way to get into my Zen!!! My Dream(goal) is to make it to Providence,  Rhode Island and get to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher(CZT), by the teachings of Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Founders of Zentangle.
   Now here's a little tidbit about me. I'm what they call, middle aged. I grew up in a country town in Southern California. I still live there, but it is not so country, anymore. I started late with getting married and starting a family. But here I am today, with a wonderful husband and three little children. Family is probably my deepest passion! (And with both my husband and I coming from Italian heritage, we have plenty of family.....)
    I also love to garden, spend time in the kitchen, and dabble in any kind of craft, art, or what have it. My Mother, also got me started in Eggery. We do 'Pysanky' and work, like, 'Faberge', on eggs. (with three little ones, that is a little harder for me to have the time to indulge in). With quilling, I am a little freer to pick up and stop in the middle of a project. Zentangle is even better as far as finding time, because I just need to have pen and paper and I can complete a tile within a short period time. So results come even quicker.
   I do love,......my faith!! And I find that no matter what I'm doing,.........my faith is what leads me!!! And thank God,......for ALL that He has blessed me with. Anytime I am working on a project, I sign it with my name, a heart and a cross. (which is a sign that I made it with LOVE and GOD'S BLESSINGS!)
   And now a little bit about my least favorite thing, 'Modern Technology'. (I know,........ then why am I blogging?) It's a bitter/sweet! I don't like it,... BUT, it has brought me closer to things that I love! A little bit of an oxymoron, or a love/hate relationship. Anyways, without the computer I would've never fallen back in love with Quilling, found my new love Zentangle, enjoyed photography as much as I do, and met all of you wonderful people near and far!! So I try really hard to embrace it!
   I hope you enjoy my blog, and if there is anything that I can add to it to make it better, please let me know!
   In the meantime, bare with me! I'm still learning and trying to make this blog one you will want to revisit, over and over again!!!
Love and God's Blessings 
Annette  :0)

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