Wednesday, August 27, 2014



   Back on my July 28 post, when I posted my new tangle 'Ooples', I mentioned that my inspiration was a woman's blouse in church. (Of course I could not take a photo of her blouse, being that I was in church,......!!) So as soon as I got in the van, I sketched out what it looked like. Her blouse also had another design on it and so I drew that one too, knowing I would have to come up with a way to deconstruct it. 'Ooples' was an easy one to deconstruct, but this other one would take some figuring out!!!
   Anyway, this is what I came up with. If you think there might be a better way of deconstructing it please share your link in my comments so that anybody can see it. I found that it is one of those tangles that can take on many variations. It's quite fun! So give it a try!!
These are actually more variations of this tangle. It really is endless!!
In the above picture, the big 'X-DID' all by itself in the lower right, was the actual design that I had seen on that lady's shirt. The whole shirt and pattern had an American Indian look to it.
   I chose this name because I used, 'X's' as the main part of my deconstruction. It just kinda fell into place! Enjoy!!!
The deconstruction, with 3 variations.

4th variation and completed tile.
This is my outline before I filled it in!

If you look at the first pic, you can see my light string of graduated circles. Then I just turned my paper and added 'X-DID' in each circular strip. 

And the outcome after adding weight to lines and shading, it looks like a flower! Pretty cool, huh?

This was one of my trials before actual doing my final drawing, on how-to deconstruct, for you. Kinda neat how they line up and create a whole new design vertically too!

   I would love to hear if you like it! So please drop me a lil message, if you can!

In the meantime,........
............go put some Zen 
into this Tangled world!

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Monday, August 25, 2014


Weekly Challenge #182

   Oh, I had fun with this one!! I rarely do tangles that are grid related, but for this challenge they are the best to use! Plus it got me to use tangles that I don't normally use! It's funny, as I work, I love the true black and white, but I find I am getting more and more drawn to using color. (Maybe it's because I want to use all of my really cool mediums, and I want to play?) Yah, I think that is what it is!! 
  Anyway, I did this week's challenge and then added a Zia that I had done but didn't get it finished for the Fourth of July. But I thought it would go with this weeks theme. 'Stripes'

Tangles used: 'Girdy', 'Capell', 'Undling', 'Fandango', and 'Woodlock'

I just love our American flag so here is,...  "Stars and Stripes"!!!

Tangle: '120 Ribbonz', and 'Fengle'
 Okay, being that this week's challenge was about stripes, I decide to finalize my new tangle and throw it into the challenge. It makes for a fun Stripe!  The name of this new tangle is 'X-DID!!! Please, click 'here' for step outs!!!
Please give it a try and tell me what you think! There are so many variations! I would love to see what you could do with it!

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Weekly Challenge
'Quartz Crystal'

   Ok, I thought last week was a bit difficult, but wow, this week was even tougher! Anyway, when I was in Holistic Health school and in many New Age Healing Arts, Quartz is said to have many healing powers.
So I looked up 'Quartz Crystal' to see. A lot of other ones, especially Rose Quartz are very healing.
I did find that 'Quartz Crystal'  has properties in Feng Shui for,........
I used Sakura gel pen 'clear sparkle' to achieve the shine that a Quartz Crystal has.  

   Quartz Crystal has the energy of harmony and cooperation. It is a wonderful addition to any home or office! (so it is said)
   Whether you can feel a difference from these beautiful crystals or not, they are just lovely to add to any room decor!
   I usually don't look at the week's word until Sunday night. So I'm just hoping that next week is going to be a little bit easier! We'll see ya' then!!

    Just want to give a big shout out "THANK YOU TO ALL, FOR VISITING MY BLOG AND LEAVING A BIT OF SUNSHINE!" You make my day and week!! (((hugs)))

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Weekly Challenge #181
(no drought here)

   Nope, no drought on the Diva's Challenge, but here in California that's another story!! Anyway, here is my entry for this week. I also wanted to play with Helen William's rose design. So I added a few drops of dew on the petals.

I had fun with this one! I just let the Diva Dance lead the way!

Go put some Zen 
into this 
Tangled World!!


Weekly Challenge

   Another week that just kinda boggled my mind as to "What in the heck am I gonna do?" So being that I am a licensed manicurist, I right away thought,.............'biting your nails to the quick'.

 I wish everyone a joyous and eventful week!
Thanks a bunch to all of you who left me a bit of 'SMILES' on my blog last week! You make my day,.........week!!!

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Friday, August 15, 2014


Soul Mates

    Sometimes, you just know, that two people were meant to be together. Well this little story is about two wonderful people that I know and how God had a plan for them both!! 
   Dave married Angelica, I want to say about 15 years ago? Anyway, they have one son of their own and then an adopted son. After having their 1st son, Angelica found out that she should not have anymore natural children of their own because she had a kidney disease and it would be life threatening if she did. So that's when God gave them another son to take in and they were to call him  their own. Beautiful family!!! 
   Well, just this past year we were notified that her kidneys were failing and that she should have a kidney transplant in hopes that she would not need to go on kidney dialysis. So people put their info in to donate their kidney to her. I don't know a lot about this whole process, but I know they try to find one that would be most compatible to the receivers body.
   Well, Angelica's husband Dave turned out to be the most compatible! So this last Wednesday, Dave donated one of his kidneys to his wife Angelica. Meant to be!!!! They are doing well, but all prayers are welcome to continue recovery and so that her new kidney will be happy and find itself at home in her body.
   God Bless you two with a long continued life together!!!
   Here is my tribute to them!

   Since the two of them have such a love for their faith, I decided to go ahead and do a depiction of 'The Sacred Heart of Jesus'. Showing their love for each other, and God's love for them!!! Amen!!!!

God Bless All who are ailing and sick may God grant you health!!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Weekly Challenge #180
UMT- MacDee by Anneke Van Dam

   This is a quickie this week, as it is a very busy one!! If I have a chance to do another and hopes to visit everybody's blog and leave some messages, I will do so! Meanwhile have a blessed and happy week!! 
Tangles used: Amoeba and MacDee   (remember to click on images to enlarge)
   I just want to send out a thank you to all who left messages last week!! You're a light to my day!! (((hugs))) :0)

Weekly Challenge

   Wow, this was a tough one for me this week! Didn't know what to do! Do I even have anything that is the color ,......plum???? Anyway, I went with a punch tool again! And created,,,..........well,....what else, ......but a ..............'plum'!!!
I used my balloon punch tool, and then cut and modified it. I also used vellum paper and embossed it to create a round ball like shape.

Once I had my plum's shape looking the way I wanted it, I then added color to it to create my best visual of a plum.

Welp, have a 'plum' of a week and we'll be seeing ya' next week!!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Weekly Challenge #179
'Be Like Bijou'

   So, Maria and Rick, creators of Zentangle, have a whole new addition to their Zentangle family. Bijou!! Now he's a cute lil' guy, but personally if I find snails,..................well, you don't want to know  what I do with them. (Well, when you're a gardener, there's a good reason why ya' don't care too much for them.) I do have to say though, snails are cute! And 'Bijou',............well, he is,... "The Cutest Lil' Snail, Ever!!!" It must be because he's from Paris! :0) 
   Anyway, I think I had a visit from 'Bijou'! tonight, as I was working on my new 2"x2" tangles, I looked at the window nearby and guess who I saw? You guessed it 'Bijou'!!!(he is an adventurous lil' guy)

See that spot on the window. The big spot! (don't mind all the dirt) It's 'Bijou'!

Here's a closer view. He was a being a little shy and hiding in his shell.

      So to celebrate Maria's and Rick's new family addition, they have done a tribute for 'Bijou' by creating a new tile in his name. So,.......... "Welcome, Bijou!!"

Here are my three 'Bijou' tiles. The top one that says Cuteness, has 'Feather  Fall', and 'Feathers'. The tan one has 'Pokeroot', and 'Zuan Shi'. The lower right one has 'Tucked  In' and 'Ooples' (my newest tangle, find step outs Here)
   I rather liked the new tiles, because I love 'little'!! Anywho, make sure you give them a try and Relax, Breathe and Slow Down. (Simple words from 'Bijou') 
   I will have to tell you my inspiration for the cuteness tile, as our family has had a feathered friend join our family, recently.
  Do have a lovely week and, as I could also take advise from 'Bijou'. "Slow and Steady!"
Thank you to all who take the time to leave thoughts and friendly comments! You put smiles on my face!!  ((hugs))


Weekly Challenge

   This is what came to mind!

    I was thinking a little on the romantic side for this one! 
Have an awesome week!
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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Zentangled Acts of Kindness

   Oh my goodness!!! I am soooo excited about this! From the Challenge #178, at I Am the Diva, CZT, I found Ginny Stiles CZT, at An Artist Labyrinth. If you go to her blog you will learn about her idea of sharing Random Acts of Kindness. I read her post and got so excited because I believe in those little acts of kindness that can turn a person's day, or even life around!! So THANK YOU SO MUCH GINNY for sharing your idea with us all!! 
   Since she put this lil' bee in my bonnet, I just had to do something about it! And Fridays, here at my house, are a little less hectic so I was able to do some playing!! This is what I came up with.
   Now for starters I am using artist drawing paper.(Not quite ready to use my Zentangle tiles.) Anyways here is the paper I used.
click to enlarge
   It is quite a flimsy paper, but I love the texture and it is tan in color. Which allows for touches of white to be used. (I don't know it just feels like it is homemade. I love textures.) It is also very inexpensive. So I can play all I want and not feel scared of mess ups. 

These are the fronts of the little cards.  
   I did find the Washi tape and used it at the fold just to give some durability.  I also used some punch tools (as I also love those) to add to the edges of the fronts of the cards. I had so much fun with these.
I cut my paper 3"x6", so I could fold them and they would be an equal 3"x3". If I do more and represent Zentangle, I will make them the standard 3.5" cards. 
   I used tangles that I thought might lend to cute little messages inside. And here are the insides of the cards.
as always, click on image to enlarge
   So the upper right hand corner card (looking at the front of the card pic) has wild patterns. So I added inside, 'Have a Wild day!' For the upper left card, that reminded me of bubbles, I wrote the bubbles comment! ( Really, how many of you can say 'bubbles' without smiling?) They go hand in hand. If you don't recognize the tangle in both of those two tiles, it's because it is my new one called
'Ooples' (click on it to view step outs)! I'm having so much fun with this one. I think it's because it's so easy and because there are a lot of possible variations with it. 
   So I can't wait to leave one of these little cuties somewhere. Oh, and you thought I was excited, should've seen my kids and their response to what I was doing. The two older ones understand the concept and they want to help me figure out where to put these. I told them I could leave one, every now and then in the school office for the secretaries. And keep it anonymous! Hee hee, I can't wait!!!
   Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about my little cards, and/or go to Ginny's blog and leave her a comment. She would love to hear how she inspired someone else! :0)
   Thank you, again Ginny for sharing your inspiration. We all, can make the world a better place, one Zentangle at a time!!!! Please do go to Ginny's blog, Here, (this is another post about her Random Acts of Zentangled Kindness). You gotta just love this idea and how we can make a difference. 
Pay your Zen forward!
And let's help
Put a little Zen
into this tangled world!!

Totally Awesome
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