Monday, December 30, 2013


is my entry for 
Weekly Challenge
Last night when I was laying in bed, I was thinking about time, and what I was going to do for this weeks challenge. And that's when I thought of "Gosh, how time flies!" How many times do we say that? "I can't believe that another year has flown by!!!! Let's hope it was a good one for everybody! 

Please make an effort to go to Every Inchie Monday, and see everybody's great Inchies. And I do have to say, Chrissie and Cathy, your whole year Inchie displays are MAGNIFICENT!!!  Even though I started this wonderful world of Inching late, you have inspired me to want to create a 2013 Inchie page. (it just won't be a full year) ! But now I can't wait to (hopefully) do a whole 2014 year of Inchies!!!
Thank you soooooo much, Trillian, for creating such a fun, creative,
mind bending, challenge for us every week!!
I am having, way too much fun!
And thank you Inchers for your inspiring comments that you leave on my blog!
What a great lil' group of Inchers we are!!

Peace be Yours

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


(And Thank God we have it!!!!)

Pictures taken on top of a Pizzelle. Click on photos to enlarge.
 Again this was a difficult week to make a decision!! SSooooooo many things came to mind. So this first one reflects my Italian heritage. Pasta, Fish, Bread, Cheese and Vino for dinner. For dessert Pizzelles, Canoli, Woochadatta, and Italian Cookie.

I had to take this picture on a plate that my Slovakian Grandmother gave me,.
For the other side of my heritage it's Slovakian food! Cabbage Rolls, and Pierogi for dinner and then for dessert it's Apricot, Prune, Nut, and Poppyseed Kolache!!

This next picture is of a yearly tradition that came from my father's side of the family. (And I really don't know where they got it from.) Anyway, every New Year's Eve, we put out on our table, these three foods. A head of Cabbage which represents "Prosperity", a thing of Salt for "Wisdom", and a Loaf of Bread for "Food". This is a wish for these things for the upcoming year!!

I can't believe I actually did this post on Christmas Eve!!!! 

Wishing you all a 
Very Merry Christmas!!

Peace be Yours

Friday, December 20, 2013



"May you and your loved ones be
Blessed by Christ's Love,
Have Joy in Your Household,
Find Peace in Your Hearts,
Give with Compassion,
Be Healthy and Safe
Always be Thankful!!!"

Copyright design and artwork by Annette Carlo (click on image to enlarge)

and see you 
next year!!

Peace be Yours

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Every Inchie Monday
   This week was not difficult for me to come up with something, but it was hard for me to decide which one I wanted to use. So, I'm using them both! I kept thinking of the days I took my pregnancy tests to find that "I was Pregnant"!!!!Seeing those two pink lines meant that I was pregnant!!! 'PURE JOY'!!
   I also thought, JOY means, the gift of waking up to each new day!!! 
   Not only am I waking up each day, but I am en'joy'ing my three kids, my husband, and basically 'LIFE'!!!! And that's when it hit me,..........LIFE is JOY!!!!
I put my Inchie's on eggs to take this picture because I love eggs and they symbolize  'life'!
Please go to Every Inchie Monday, and take a peek at the other Inchies and maybe you'll get inspired to join in the fun!!!

Peace be Yours

Monday, December 9, 2013


Weekly Challenge #148
"Happy Merry"

 I first did the lettering in gold gel pen and then I used pencil to do all of my tangles and then faded all of my lines. 
"This is what Christmas means to me!!!!"   
To view larger image just click on photos.

"Thank you Laura for always putting so much of your time and talent into these wonderful Challenges! And I am so looking forward to all the different ways people celebrate their  holidays!!!
Enjoy your vacation and do hope to see you in 2014!! " xo
After I took my picture I just felt it needed color! Because that is what Christmas is about too!!
I just want to give a thanks to Kate Ahrens CZT at 1 Art Lady Kate, you were my inspiration for the holly, using Laura's tangle Boo*Kee*, from last week! I just fell in love with your challenge entry and it was perfect for adding a little color to my entry this week!!!  Thanks!
I know it is a busy time of the year with hustle and bustle, but may you find that quiet moment
and find
*Please remember to visit my blog even though there will be no Weekly Challenge from the Diva. I have a real time consuming piece I've been working on as a gift for my secret pal in Bunco. I want to share it with you. It will be Zentangle and Quilling together! So please don't forget to stop by next week!!! And if you Join and Follow my sight, you'll be the first to see it as a pop up and/or on Google!!!

(thing is, sometimes, things find you,........)
Ever have that happen to the bottom of your shoe???? So did your shoe find it or did the gum find your shoe???

For all of you Inchers, we'll see you next week!!!
Don't forget to take a peak at all the other entries at Every Inchie Monday!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Weekly Challenge #147 UMT v.XXIII
"Oh BooKee Tree"

When I drew my string for this one, I wasn't really crazy about it and then I turned it upside down and that's when I thought of a Christmas tree!!! So that's where it all began!!! BooKee would work wonderfully as a garland on a tree! Anyway, once I started, I thought, what did I get myself into? I should have made my Featherfall much larger. This took me two different sittings to finish it! Anyway, it was fun!!! Thanks Laura, for creating such a fun tangle and for sharing it with us!!!
Zentangles: Featherfall, Boo-Kee, Purk and Fengle
Close up. To enlarge click photo

"Crazy,......not me!"
And yes, sometimes in this busy, crazy, life of mine, I feel like I need to be put in one of these kinds of jackets. The good Ole' Straight Jacket!!! I don't know if these are still used or not but this is my version of the word.

Straight Jacket:
Please, come and join in on the fun at Every Inchie Monday, or just stop by and look at very body else's Inchie!
Peace be Yours
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