Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Weekly Challenge #152

   Laura, from I am the Diva blog, has challenged us this week to use the new Tangle by Maria, the founder of Zentangle. It is an amazing new Tangle,..........and fun!!! It lends to so much freedom and playfulness! Plus,..........I just LOVE the name!!! (it is what it sounds like!)
   Anyway, you might say I have been stuck in this heart mode. I just want to draw using hearts, lately! So this is my depiction of 'Aquafleur'! Don't forget to go on over to the Diva's blog and check out all of the other entries for this new and beautiful Tangle! And give it a try yourself!!!!

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Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

   OK, don't give me a hard time for my choice of a picture for 'Ballet', butt, (hahaha, no pun intended), being that I am a massage therapist, I always watch ballet dancers with such intensity! I am amazed at their muscle control and love watching how the muscles are put to use. I guess you could say the kinesiology of ballet, is phenominal!!!! So this was my 'quick' attempt at trying to portray ballet, for this weeks challenge!
   Please don't forget to take a peak at all of the other fabulous entries! The Inchie world is growing, so why don't you join in the fun!!!! 
   Thank you to all who left messages on my post last week! XO's. I know I didn't get to leave messages on all of your blogs, I tried! Some weeks are a little crazier than others and it seemed to be an overwhelming one!
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Twinchies Challenge Blog
Weekly Challenge

   This was kind of hard for me, because I am not a person that really has movie star idols! But there are amazing people in the world that have done great things, so I kind thought I would go with that!!
"In this life, we cannot always do great things.
But we can do small things with Great LOVE!!"
Mother Theresa
Ok, please don't be to hard on me with this portrait, but I have never done portraits before . So this is the best I can do!!
(it really is hard to create wrinkles!)
With that in mind, 
may the rest of your week be blessed!!

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A big thanks to everyone for stopping by and visiting my blog. And a special thanks to those of you who take time to leave messages. It really makes a blogger feel special!! Xo's

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Weekly Challenge #151: String Theory
Moebius Syndrome Awareness

   Moebius Syndrome is a congenital nerve disorder affecting cranial VI and VII nerves controlling the lateral movement of the face. Moebius is a spectrum disorder - so some cases are more severe than others. Our dear friend Laura from I Am the Diva CZT, has a son, Artoo, who suffers from this disorder. She is focusing this Weeks Challenge on the Awareness of this Syndrome. I think this is a great idea and a wonderful way to let people, in the world, become aware of all of our differences. And yet embrace those differences!!
   This is my first time with the Diva's Weekly Challenges to know and learn about Moebius Syndrome! Thank you, Laura for making me aware!!! Your little Artoo is a bright, wonderful, and happy little boy!!! He and his brother remind me of my two boys. They are best buds!! Whenever you share pictures with us, he exudes 'happiness'!!!! So 'You keep on Smiling Artoo'!!!! xo's
Laura, I'm donating this to MSAD if it can be used with/for anything it is yours!
I love your passion!!
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Weekly Challenge

   Nothing says 'Brown' like CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Here in the US we have Hershey's Chocolate. One of the famous bite size chocolates is a Hershey's Kiss!!! As you can see there is the original and then there is my Inchie!!! Much toooooo small to eat!! (I'd need about thirty of those to satisfy my chocolate NEEDS!!! )
   Don't forget to check out all of the other Inchies!!! It's way too much fun in the Inchie World!!!

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Weekly Challenge

I used vellum and embossed my design, then I colored it with markers and then I used my Micron pen to draw the black lines
Stained 'Glass'

   Stained glass is my answer to this weeks Twinchie challenge!!! All of you Inchers, come and join us and become a Twincher two (hahaha)!
See ya' all next week!!
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Monday, January 13, 2014


One Little Word
I Am the Diva CZT
Challenge #150

Humanity- (n) the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence
Humanities-the study of literature, philosophy, art, etc.

   So there you have it! My little word for the year!! See what, Share Humanity means to me, and how I want it to be a big part of my year, 2014!!! Maybe you'll feel the 'ripple effect'. Last year was, Peace! May Peace be Yours!!
   I just want to say, I'm a little late in getting my word out, but have come down with the flu! I thought I would just use my original Humanity Zia, but I really wanted to do something different! So this is what I came up with. (The 'BIG' picture of my word!) In the meantime, I have looked at all of the other entries for The Diva's Challenge, and my heart just overflows!!! All, and I mean, ALL of the entries that I have looked at and read, are so INSPIRING, and BEAUTIFUL!!! I can just feel everybody's passion in each word they have chosen! And the whole time, I'm nodding my head thinking , yes, that is an awesome word! So my hat tips to all of you, for such beautiful and heartfelt posts! You all have such AWESOMENESS!!!!! Love to you all and hopes that all your little words hold dear all year long!!!
   Okay, okay, I had an epiphany, a new word came to me today!!! Since I haven't been well, I have had to sit around and just be!!! Well, tonight after dinner, I was just sitting there staring at my new little journal. I decided I wanted to break it in. So, I'm sitting there and thought, " I just want to PLAY!!!" And then I thought about it. How many times in my day does my little girl or my sons, come to me and say they want to play. And how hard it is for me to say, "I'm busy and or I can't right now." Why is it that as adults, we forget how to Play????? I am such a routine, follow the rules, and gotta have a plan and think things through first, ...kind a girl that sometimes I have a hard time to get in that Play mode!!! So, let's just say, I'm gonna call 'Humanity' my BIG word and this will be my 'little word'!!! 'PLAY!!'  I'm gonna try to be more playful!! (Why should that be so hard?)

play-verb- amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretense
play at- engage in without proper seriousness or understanding
I tried to pick Playful tangles to use for this!! No rules, no thinking and planning, no do's or don'ts, just playing!!
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Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

'The Italian Horn'
 Cornicello or Corno in Italian, is an 'amulet', to protect against 'the evil eye' or 'malocchio' (maloik).  Superstition has it, that it protects from wrongdoers, infertility, and jealousy and envy.
It is to also bring good luck!
   So, yes, I do have one!!  I got it from my Italian Grandma years ago!! It's in the picture to the left, and then I quilled one for the picture below.
   Ya' gotta love your heritage!!!

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Twinchie Challenge

   Ok, so this is a long shot,......... but I was thinking of a film of something on something, for this challenge!! So I started storm braining,......what leaves a film? And I came up with 'Suds'!!! (or a film of bubbles) So here is my Twinchie with suds and bubbles on dishes!
If you're an Incher, don't stop there!!! 
Go on over to Twinchie Challenge, and join in on the fun!!!
Have a fabulous rest of the week!!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Weekly Challenge #149
I Am the Diva CZT
It's so nice to be back in the fun with,The Diva's Challenges!! Thank you Laura for all your hard work! And Thank you, Suzanne Wilka, for organizing all of our photos into those nice slideshows!! It's so much fun to see them all together, and how different each one is!!
Psst! I have a secret,........ I am FINALLY using one of my Zentangle tiles! I haven't wanted to use them because they are soooo pretty even with nothing on them!!!  (can you believe that? hee hee hee)  (Click to enlarge) 
Let's Party!!!
The New Year always brings in such a feeling of renewal and rebirth!!! So it, definitely, is a reason to celebrate!!! Four years ago, those words really meant renewal and rebirth for me because my daughter was born!!!! So yes, we get to celebrate really big!! And believe it or not, she stayed up until 12:00 for count down. And then after  50 people sang  "Auld Lang Syne, we sang Happy Birthday, to one, overly tired but feeling like a princess, little girl!!!!! (Talk about feeling special!!)

"Touched by Humanity"
This is my second entry for
Diva's Challenge # 149
*Humanity-Kindness (n)

I actually shared this on my last blog post. So if you have a minute, please go to Happy New Year 2014, and it'll explain the meaning of this New Year for me!! And hopefully inspire someone else!


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"Alice Blue"
Every Inchie Monday's
Weekly Challenge

As did a lot of the other artists, I Googled "Alice Blue". And I did see Theodore Roosevelt's daughter, but I also did see a song called 'Alice Blue Gown'. The words are written by Joseph McCarthy and the music by Harry Tierney. The song is about a dainty blue gown and how it had little  Forget Me Nots on it, here and there. So that is my depiction of Alice Blue! I still am thinking of Alice in Wonderland though!! 
Please remember to go to Every Inchie Monday and look at all the other entries and possibly get inspired to join us!!
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Twinchies Challenge

So this was the first thing I thought of when I saw this word! A metallic bustier and briefs! (I know, it's not my best, but it'll have to do). Bev, I'm so glad that your back and doing a weekly challenge!! Yeah!!!! Happy New Year!!
Check out all of the other Twinchies!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Touched by Humanity
*Humanity-Kindness (n)   "2014 words to live by!"  (click photo to enlarge)

   Each New Year, starts a feeling deep inside, of a "New Beginning"! Even though another year has passed, it should never be looked at as the end! But how can there be a 'New beginning' if there is no end? Well, continue whatever you have not finished from previous, but always know that each new day, each new tomorrow, can be a beginning of something EXTRAORDINARY!!
   Life is a new beginning, in every breathe we take!!! Cherish it! Utilize it,..................Make a difference!!!!
   Every New Year, I try to have a focus on something that comes from within. 2013, was the year of 'PEACE'. After lots of happenings at the end of 2012, I thought it appropriate to 'pay it forward', with the focus on 'Peace'. Hopefully causing a ripple effect, in some small way. "May Peace be Yours!"
   This New Year, 2014, I feel as though the world has a need of compassion! A need to show 'A Touch of Humanity'! 
   A simple look in someone's eyes, a smile, a hello, if we help an elderly person, or whatever small thing we can do for our fellow human being, we can start a ripple effect! Random acts of kindness!!!
"Share Humanity!!"
(About 7 years ago, I had a gift shop called, "A Touch of Humanity." Being that I am a massage therapist, I believe so much in the power of touch!  I did massage in part of the shop and the other part, I sold gifts that could be bought, that had meaning to them. I had a lot of art work and handmade items that were sold on consignment, spiritual gifts and cards, and a lot of personal and inspirational gifts. I closed my business shortly after I got married. The time spent away from home wasn't going to work. My, touch, was needed more at home. Kids, my own family, were going to be the start of my New Beginning!)
   I add this little bit of info because, it still means something to me! "A Touch of Humanity"! Our world is in need of humanity!! We need to start showing that we care!! I believe it can all start within each and every one of us! I don't care how big or how small the act of kindness is that we do, it's doing something! And if each and every person did "One Small Act of Kindness," every day, this world would be a more loving and Peaceful place!!!
   My challenge for myself is to do one, or more, Random Acts of Kindness, every day!!!! So I challenge you to do the same!!!


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