Saturday, January 4, 2014


Touched by Humanity
*Humanity-Kindness (n)   "2014 words to live by!"  (click photo to enlarge)

   Each New Year, starts a feeling deep inside, of a "New Beginning"! Even though another year has passed, it should never be looked at as the end! But how can there be a 'New beginning' if there is no end? Well, continue whatever you have not finished from previous, but always know that each new day, each new tomorrow, can be a beginning of something EXTRAORDINARY!!
   Life is a new beginning, in every breathe we take!!! Cherish it! Utilize it,..................Make a difference!!!!
   Every New Year, I try to have a focus on something that comes from within. 2013, was the year of 'PEACE'. After lots of happenings at the end of 2012, I thought it appropriate to 'pay it forward', with the focus on 'Peace'. Hopefully causing a ripple effect, in some small way. "May Peace be Yours!"
   This New Year, 2014, I feel as though the world has a need of compassion! A need to show 'A Touch of Humanity'! 
   A simple look in someone's eyes, a smile, a hello, if we help an elderly person, or whatever small thing we can do for our fellow human being, we can start a ripple effect! Random acts of kindness!!!
"Share Humanity!!"
(About 7 years ago, I had a gift shop called, "A Touch of Humanity." Being that I am a massage therapist, I believe so much in the power of touch!  I did massage in part of the shop and the other part, I sold gifts that could be bought, that had meaning to them. I had a lot of art work and handmade items that were sold on consignment, spiritual gifts and cards, and a lot of personal and inspirational gifts. I closed my business shortly after I got married. The time spent away from home wasn't going to work. My, touch, was needed more at home. Kids, my own family, were going to be the start of my New Beginning!)
   I add this little bit of info because, it still means something to me! "A Touch of Humanity"! Our world is in need of humanity!! We need to start showing that we care!! I believe it can all start within each and every one of us! I don't care how big or how small the act of kindness is that we do, it's doing something! And if each and every person did "One Small Act of Kindness," every day, this world would be a more loving and Peaceful place!!!
   My challenge for myself is to do one, or more, Random Acts of Kindness, every day!!!! So I challenge you to do the same!!!


Share Humanity

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