Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We kind of had the whole Peter Pan theme going but, my 'Tinker Bell' really wanted to be Repunzel!

Wishing you all a very Haunted, Spooktacular,
 Fun and Safe, Halloween!!!! 

I know this is late, but I have been soooo busy with costumes and 
school party stuff, on top of all the other things
to do in life! SCARY!!!

I am going to show you my version of a Peter Pan costume and a quick
DIY Pirate shirt.

I have to say, I got inspired, again, by Pinterest, to make this costume!
 Peter Pan
 I went to the Thrift Store and bought little boys sweat pants and a women's shirt!
As you can see, I just cut the pant bottoms, the shirt sleeves and the bottom of the 
shirt with a jagged effect.
The belt was cut from an old shirt I had. I did have to safety pin the front
of the shirt because it kept sliding off his shoulders.
But nothing that a little safety pin can't fix!
And when it was on it just added to the look of the shirt!
Whah La!!!

The Pirate
My husband is a trooper! He just goes along with whatever the rest of 
the family picks for our costume theme. (As long as it doesn't require
any face painting!)
What I did for his shirt is,
I took an old white t-shirt. Cut out the neck, and cut a slit down the 
center, about 6". Then I took some small, but sharp scissors, and poked holes
in the fabric, on either side of the slit. (line them up evenly)
Then I took a shoe lace and fed it through the holes, like you would a shoe!
I put jagged cuts along the sleeves and bottom of the shirt.
We grabbed a rope from the garage, and 
Whah La, Again!
(those two costumes saved me lots of money)


I found this idea, also on Pinterest, on
I still used my recipe for the krispie's (you'll find on my blog). To make
three 9" round pans and one square (regular) treats, it took
3 batches of my recipe. A yellow one, an orange one, and a regular one!
When I saw this on Glorious Treats I just knew I had to try it!
What an awesome idea!!


I found this very interesting! At the pumpkin patch, there are workers that give tid bits of information. And they informed us that they line the pumpkin patch with planted sunflowers, so that they draw the bees. And that way they are sure that the pumkin vines will get pollinated. Pretty interesting!!!

Last but not least,..........
I just had to share a bit of Fall Beauty, with ya' all!!
These pictures were taken when I went with my son's school, on a field trip, to a
Pumpkin Patch!  

Enjoy your Halloween, and

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Come 'FALL'ow Me

 Well, I have been sooooooo busy, but I just wanted to say
These are my sugar cookies that I made for fall festivities!
And I promise, I will give out this recipe. It is one of my most
favorites, (I know, not proper English) but it is!!!!
And everybody else's too !!!
And here again, is my Holiday Tree!
Festive for the 'Spooktacular Halloween Day'!

I have been so busy with kids stuff lately, but I am working on three quilling 
projects right now. As soon as I complete one, I will be sharing it with you!
Where does the time go???
I do hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
Harvest Blessings!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

"LOVE" on Canvas

'Another Love'

Don't let the title fool you! (I do not
have 'another love', in my life, my husband is my only love!)  :0)
I have quilled another heart with the word 'love' on it.
I did this one for my sis! 
I actually did it for her for Mother's Day! Since I am
not finished with the project that I'm working on now, I needed
something to put on my post.

The photo below, is actually a clearer photo, but this one shows more of the true colors of the paper I used. Remember that, when taking photos of your work, take some at a side angle so that your colors show more true. (I am still playing with photography of quilling, and learning more all the time)

Again, I used the 'S' coil shape with this piece. I really like how it
shows movement and doesn't necessarily have to fill the shape in all the way, to
give the shape. (I don't know if any of that made sense) Anyway,
I do use that a lot, and now I also use the beehive technique for filling in too.
The Open Flower technique, I learned from purchasing
If you have any questions or comments please, feel free to do so. 
I always love to have feedback.

Go share the LOVE!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hand Painting Egg in likeness of Deruta Ceramics

Missing "Momma Linda"!!

A dear friend of mine just moved back to her
'true home', ....Italy. As I am very happy for her
I do miss her. 
I had made this egg for her last year. 
Unfortunately, she could not take anything with her
back home, so she gave it back to me.
It was kind of nice, in a way, because it
is a memory of her.

I had forgotten to take pictures of this before I gave it to her so when I received it back, I was able to do so.

 I hand painted it, in the likeness of the Italian ceramic pottery, Deruta.
I like that pattern. Plus I thought it would add a nice 
Italian flair to it!

I had troubles getting my colors exact to those that are on the plate.

 <3 I miss you, Linda! xo

Like I have said before, you never know where your inspiration 
may come from when it comes to creating.
That's the beauty of art!
Anything that your eye finds beautiful, 
you can do something with it 
and translate that beauty
into something that others will
be able to enjoy, also!

Go,....create and inspire!!