Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Just thought I would share my newest creation!
 (I really do think that I am addicted to this zentangle/doodle, stuff!!!!)


Peace be yours, 
Annette xo

Friday, February 15, 2013



This was a blank page in the book I bought, about doodling. As you can see, in the upper right corner there is a brown mark. Well, that is on the page and it states that it is a practice page. Well, I tried my best to camouflage it into the picture. But it bugs me every time my eyes go there!!

Pretty amazing what you can do with a blank, white piece of paper, huh?
This is my own design!
And it is my third, zentangle (doodle).
I used gel pens for the whole thing.
I tell you what, if you think you want to give 
zentangle a try, just search it on Pinterest!
There are so many beautiful, wonderful, mind boggling designs
to help get you started! That's what I did!
And then this being my 3rd one, I think I'm getting the hang of it even more!
There really is no 'wrong' kind of doodling or zentangling!
Just let yourself create and get lost in , ..........nothing! 
Your mind doesn't have to even work!

(Next one, I will try to remember to take pictures as it progresses.)

This is for the 
Valentine's Weekend!
(Why limit it to one day?)


Please let me know what you think! For all of you quillers, this is a great way for creating new quilling designs! Go zentangle and then quill!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Let your Valentine know he/she is 'Eggs'tra Special!
Make a confetti egg with a special little note (love note),
inside, and then,........crack it over their head!
That's the kind of love I'm talkin' about!!!

 This is all you need!

  • Blown out egg (make sure it has a day or two to dry out inside)
  • Confetti
  • Strip of paper to write your message on
  • Valentine stickers
  • Tissue paper
  • Punch tools
  • Modge Podge                                                            

Make sure the hole in your egg is large enough to fill it with confetti!
Once the inside is dried out, fill the egg and then insert your message.
Once those steps are complete, it's time to decorate your egg!
Use another strip of paper to go around the length of your egg and so it covers 
the hole. Then use a punch tool to cut out hearts out of tissue paper.
Use Modge Podge to adhere them onto egg.
(Don't cover your whole egg with Modge Podge, it'll make it too hard
and strong, and you might injure your loved one,.....:0(.....remember
this is supposed to be a loving message!)
You can even use Valentine stickers to decorate!
Remember, you don't want it too cute to where you don't want to smash it on 
someone's head!



'Love' is the greatest gift of all!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey Doodle Doodle......

So, I see on Pinterest, all of these designs.
Call them what you will, doodles, zentangles or what have you!
But to me they are inspirations for quillling!!!!!
(And just saying, it is A LOT of fun!!!!!)

I found this book at JoAnnes Fabrics.  It is a good book to get started and give some basic ideas.

 So............. here is my very first doodle!

I did this with colored pencils. Inside the book I bought.
 With Valentines day coming, I had that in my head and then, I ran with it!
And then, because I had sooo much fun, 
I had to do another.

The inspiration that I used for this one was "Time Flies"! I don't really like the paper I used for this one, but now I know better!!

So this post, is so typical of my personality!
I have passions and tons of things that I want to do, 
and what do I do,..........add one more thing to that list!!!
Hahaha, at least this one I can do wherever.
Just give me a piece of paper and something to write with!!

So now, I challenge you! Especially you quillers. 
Give doodling, zentangling, or what have you,
a try, today!!!
You might come up with an awesome design to quill!