Thursday, July 30, 2015


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   As I will continue to post on this blog, I will not be posting anything related to Zentangle. I created The Art Zenter just to focus on Zentangle. Call it what You Quill will continue to post about quilling and food and all kinds of other fun subjects!!!
   It has been a fun ride and I've learned so much about the blogging world. My passion for Zentangle has taken me on another path. Please continue to visit and I 'quill' see you around!! :0)


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LIFE ............IS A CIRCUS!!!

Weekly Challenge, #227
Guest Blogger

   Today, while the Diva is enjoying summertime fun with her family, Lee Darter was asked to fill in and give us our weekly challenge. ( Cause, "What on earth would we all do if we didn't have the Diva's challenge,.....................Yeeks! That's a scary thought!!!!") Diva, we love you and your challenges! They definitely make me put things in perspective at home. Monday mornings,......first look at the challenge and see what it is,..........try and get my challenge piece done,...............then,.........feed kids, clean house and then so on and so on!  :0)    It really isn't that bad. But the Diva really does help me get into my Zen, and get the week rolling!!! Thank you!!!!
   Last week's challenge was peaceful and simple, and I loved it!!! This week is a circus, and I love it!!! The Zentangle method is so versatile that way. No matter how much we fill our tiles, or long it takes to finish,'s the process that makes it so successful in getting our minds to relax!! I love it!!!
   The three tangles I decided to go with were 'Cack', 'Tropicana', and 'LinQ'. Two of which , I had never done before!
   So much fun!! Thank you Lee, for this week's challenge, 'What a Circus!'. Please do check out Lee's blog, 'The Art Room'. She is an amazing artist, and the reason for her choosing a challenge like this is all explained in her post. It's so wonderful that such experienced artists share their talents and passion with the rest of this tangling family! 
    Have a great week everyone. Oh, and next week there are going to be changes with my posting. I am finally going to be launching my new blog!!!!!! I will keep this one. But when I started blogging, I had not yet found Zentangle. And then when I did, kind of took over the theme of quilling. And the rest is history. But now that I am a CZT, I want to represent the Zentangle method, in the way it deserves. So keep an eye out for next week!!! 
So much fun!!! Thanks, Lee!  (click on images to enlarge)
   I thought it so funny, that the theme was circus this week, and I just so happened to be playing with my nephew's Prisma Markers, and chose to draw and color this lil' fella!
My first use of Prisma Markers. It'll take some getting used to!
   Hope the rest of your summer has a cool 'Splash' to it!!! Signing off as 'Call it what you quill',
and will revisit in my new transformed Zen blogger.  :0)

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Thursday, July 16, 2015


My New Tangle


My inspiration! 
   About 2 months ago, when my husband and I had a little getaway to Las Vegas, (for a recycling convention), I saw so many inspiring tangles just waiting to be deconstructed.  I had to "quickly" take this picture before we passed it by. So I kind of modified the word "quickly" to make it a little more Zen friendly! Here are the step outs! Hope you like it!!!

click to enlarge 

A little Duotangle. 'Quickzly' and 'Mooka'

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Monday, July 13, 2015


Weekly Challenge #226
Guest Blogger, Katie Crommett, CZT
"Let's Simplify"

   I love simple, but can't always seem to apply it to my life. With time, clutter, household chores, food, everything,...................I always seem to feel that more is better, or at least that's what we have always been told. But the funny thing is, when I tangle, I seem to be able to find white space and fewer tangles, to be somewhat easy for me. Maybe it's that desire of simplicity just screaming to get out and 'Zing' there it is in the Zentangle method. So I tried two tiles for this challenge. 
   One tile that I had pre strung at CZT Seminar and didn't have a chance to do anything with it, and the other just a coaster I had lying around in paper clutter, that I have been wanting to do something with. There we go!
So here is the string, which is very busy!!!! So I challenged myself to simplify it.
I think I did ok. But it was a very busy string to begin with and I really didn't want a lot of lines showing when I was finished.

See how busy this was?
I tried! :0)

This one is real simplified!! But how many of you can stop there with 'Parodox'?  It was hard for me! I wanted to continue right down into the center, cause it always looks so cool! But I restrained myself and left it open!!

   In the last tile I used 'Parodox' and 'Murmylies' by Annette Plaga-Lodde, aka LonettA. I love that little tangle and I think it will go well with so many of the other ball type tangles. Fun!!
   Anyway, here is just a peak of what my week was like

4th of July Birthday


Beach Day!!! See that mermaid tail?
Vacation Bible School all week from 5:30 to 8:30 and I taught the preschoolers. 3 to 5 year olds.

I made all 15 of my students a rock to take home as a keepsake of VBS 2015!!!

These I made for my helpers and the woman that leads the program!!

Last but not least, a train ride to San Clemente beach with Cub Scouts!!
Can you find my daughter somewhere in this pic? :0)
   I wish everyone a lovely week!!! A great big "Thank You", for the lovely sunshine on my blog! I was able to see everyone's work last week,...........and wow! This tangle community really has beautiful Zen!!!!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Weekly Challenge #225
Guest Blogger, Jen Crutchfield, CZT
'Use Color'  2 or 3

   Thank you, Jen for a fun challenge! I have seen other people use these similar colors in their Zias and I always think they look so beautiful! So thank you to all of you! (I can't remember who exactly to give you credit. ) It was soooo hard NOT to use black!!!
   I am also going to show the stages (inspiration from Cris Leutourneau, CZT (All Tangled Up in Art) In her past few posts, she has posted pictures of the progression of her tiles or Zias. I feel that it is very inspiring and it shares the learning experience of Zentangle. Thank you Cris for always sharing such helpful info!! :0)

Please, click on any image to enlarge.

This Zendala is one that I just created on my own. Going with the flow of Zentangle. Picking tangles as I go along and create.

Not only was it fun deciding on which tangle to use, I found it fun choosing what color to use too! This was only my 4th Zendala I've done. As you can see it's not perfectly round :0/

Here we go! Finito!! With shading.

   Thank you again, Jen for this week's challenge and for filling in for the Diva!!! (What would we do if we didn't have the Diva Challenge,.................. what a scary thought!) haha We LOVE the Diva!!!!
   Have a great week and stay in tuned, I will be changing my blog soon. I will keep 'Call it What You Quill', but I am going to be creating a new blog just for all inspired Zentangle info. And soon,......class info!!! " I can't wait!!!"
   A many thanks and hugs for all the uplifting messages from last week!!! Love to all!

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