Monday, July 13, 2015


Weekly Challenge #226
Guest Blogger, Katie Crommett, CZT
"Let's Simplify"

   I love simple, but can't always seem to apply it to my life. With time, clutter, household chores, food, everything,...................I always seem to feel that more is better, or at least that's what we have always been told. But the funny thing is, when I tangle, I seem to be able to find white space and fewer tangles, to be somewhat easy for me. Maybe it's that desire of simplicity just screaming to get out and 'Zing' there it is in the Zentangle method. So I tried two tiles for this challenge. 
   One tile that I had pre strung at CZT Seminar and didn't have a chance to do anything with it, and the other just a coaster I had lying around in paper clutter, that I have been wanting to do something with. There we go!
So here is the string, which is very busy!!!! So I challenged myself to simplify it.
I think I did ok. But it was a very busy string to begin with and I really didn't want a lot of lines showing when I was finished.

See how busy this was?
I tried! :0)

This one is real simplified!! But how many of you can stop there with 'Parodox'?  It was hard for me! I wanted to continue right down into the center, cause it always looks so cool! But I restrained myself and left it open!!

   In the last tile I used 'Parodox' and 'Murmylies' by Annette Plaga-Lodde, aka LonettA. I love that little tangle and I think it will go well with so many of the other ball type tangles. Fun!!
   Anyway, here is just a peak of what my week was like

4th of July Birthday


Beach Day!!! See that mermaid tail?
Vacation Bible School all week from 5:30 to 8:30 and I taught the preschoolers. 3 to 5 year olds.

I made all 15 of my students a rock to take home as a keepsake of VBS 2015!!!

These I made for my helpers and the woman that leads the program!!

Last but not least, a train ride to San Clemente beach with Cub Scouts!!
Can you find my daughter somewhere in this pic? :0)
   I wish everyone a lovely week!!! A great big "Thank You", for the lovely sunshine on my blog! I was able to see everyone's work last week,...........and wow! This tangle community really has beautiful Zen!!!!

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Katie C said...

Go you for stopping yourself with the Paradox! That tile put a smile on my face! Without knowing the process or the challenge to stop "paradoxing" when you could keep going, it looks absolutely intentional. Simply beautiful! Haven't tried Murmylies, so I think I may go do that! I love those rocks you made for the VBS helpers and kids, too!

Ulrike B. said...

I Love your tiles, very nice work

Kreanimo said...

Stopping with paradox is indeed hard.

Lovely pictures too.

Unknown said...

Wow, that tile with Paradox and Murmylies is fabulous. I can imagine it was very hard to stop but very worthwhile doing so!

Didisch said...

Great post Annette, and your are so right stopping with paradoc at that stage. You did it girl, and it looks awesome.

jeanchaneyaz said...

I'm not sure I ever tried stopping Paradox. You have given me a challenge with that one. I really like how it looks, almost like a different tangle. I absolutely love when you share photos of your family and your activities too :)

Maggibee said...

You have been so busy and have managed to produce such lovely work. Presumably you have more than the normal number of hours in a day?

Annette P.-L. said...

Wonderful post! So beautiful effect with stopping Paradox ... perfect simplicity!
I´m so glad you like Murmylies! Nice to see it on your tile!!

Ilse said...

That's a great 'simple' Paradox!

Maureen Stott said...

I LOVE what you did with Paradox and yes, it is difficult to stop and not "finish" it. You have inspired me to leave the middle open and see what happens. And I will have to try Murmylies. Thanks for sharing.

Anne's tangle blog said...

What a great idea, to stop Paradox and 'fill' it this way!!!

Sue Sharp said...

I LOVE your simple Paradox - yes, it is really hard to not keep going to the centre, but this is so effective! I love your Murmylies coming out it it too!

Sigrid said...

Your tiles are so beautiful! I especially like the first one for the way you made use of this complicated, everything but "simple" string.

Amy L. Smith, CZT said...

Ahh, I like that Paradox piece! I have also been thinking about you knowing you just recently got your CZT credentials!! Woot!!!

Tangles and More said...

Think you did well simplifying the first string. It has a nice flow. I like the Paradox tile. Your shading adds a lot to the tile. Enjoyed the stones. Next you will have to try some with color. I have more that I need to get done.

crotnem said...

Love your tile. Mine didn't turn out as simple as I thought it would!!!

Lianne said...

Paradox is really a paradox sometimes. I also find it hard to stop. Wonderful tiles. Especially the complex string turned into simplicity itself.