Friday, September 27, 2013

My "FIRST" REAL Zentangle!!!!


I received my beginners kit from ZENTANGLE!
(Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts are the founders and creators of the official Zentangle)
You must check out their site!!
I was sooooo excited! And I was so impressed with the packaging and it's whole
presentation, and of course, the quality of the products!!! I haven't yet watched the DVD, but I can't wait to have the time to do so!
So, of course, I had to try something out right away! 
And since I had entered a drawing into the 'I am the Diva-Certified Zentangler' last
week, it got me motivated to do a "REAL" Zentangle!!!
So here it is,
my Weekly Challenge #137 for blog
"Duotangle- Knights over Tipple"!!!

I used my own paper, instead of the beautiful tiles that came in my kit, because I want to save those for when I get more practice, and probably for a special project!!!!

I got the string pattern for this Zentangle from TanglePatterns!

Anyway, it's been sooooo much fun! And like I had said before, 
Zentangle, Doodling, Zen'fun'Doodles, are sooooooooo addicting and it is
soooooo true, it is soooooooo relaxing!!!
Please, give it a try!

(quoted by Sandy Steen Bartholomew)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teacher Doodle Appreciation

Teacher Doodle Appreciation

   I actually did these for the kid's teachers at the end of their
school year!
    I bought the cardboard letters, painted them the school colors and then I zen'fun'doodled on a piece of paper and put it in a frame and wah-la!!!!
(note: I'm using the term zenfundoodle, because I respect the whole art of Zentangle and I don't want to take away from it!)I use a lot of zentangle patterns but I also blend in a lot of doodling, and plane ole' drawing.
   ( I hope to learn the true art of Zentangle! And when I do, out!)

This one, "P'", is the finished look! After I was finished
with my zen'fun'doodle, I then had the kids in the class sign their names on it. Kindergarteners were so much fun to work with!

I adhered the letters onto the framed glass, with the heavy duty,  glue dots!

Here's the finished "F"! I wanted to try out the pens for writing on glass. (DecoArt glass paint marker) So that's what I used on this one. Not to sure I was totally happy with it. It was pretty translucent! And to try and get 1st graders to rewrite over their already printed name was a challenge!

 And thanks to all the 40% off coupons that Michaels and JoAnnes  gives out, the frames I bought were next to nothing. The $.99 cents store is also a good place to find inexpensive frames.

I was happy to see that at the returning to school this year, I visited their last years teachers, and they had these hanging in their classrooms! It made me smile!
Anyway, enjoy, and I hope this puts a little inspiration in your bonnet!!!
Really this idea could be used for any kind of gift or decor.

Peace be yours

PS.  As always, any comments are welcomed!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Diva's Weekly Challenge #136


Here is my first try at doing a challenge, of any sort.
And I chose the 

I enjoy her blog because it let's me know that,
it's OK, to create, out of the box!!!
(Thank you Laura for sharing, with the world, your talents!!!)

Here's to Diva's Weekly Challenge #136
(There really is a whole certified way to ZENTANGLE, but I haven't quite learned
it yet.)

Check out Laura's blog on Zentangle
and give it a try,

Fall is here!!!!

Ps I would love to hear your comments or suggestions about my blog! Please feel free to drop me a note! Peace be Yours!!! Annette :0)

Monday, September 9, 2013


This is a picture of one of the greeting cards that I drew.
Living the Year of Faith
This post is to share with you the beauty of my faith and part of my heritage.
In 1924, in San Francisco CA, Reverend Albert R Bandini and 
Sir Luigi Providenza, founded the organization "the Italian Catholic Federation."
Their goal was to "awaken a more intense Christian life among the Italian population of 

The co-patron saint for the ICF is St. Mary Frances Xavier Cabrini. She was the major
benefactor for Italian immigrants to the US. She was the first naturalized US citizen to become
a saint. To know more about this beautiful saint, go to ICF website.

 Over the 89 years, the charity and good works done by this group, has grown. And so has the 
organization. There are now 172 branches. Most of them being in Northern CA, but
also in Nevada, Arizona, and Illinois! It's an awesome organization, with 
an awesome purpose!
This Labor Day weekend, the ICF  celebrated its' 83rd convention. (This convention is held
every year, on Labor Day weekend.) It is a beautiful weekend, shared with people of astounding 
faith, unity and love.
We had a wonderful opportunity to attend it this year. In fact, our district, hosted it. A beautiful
mass was celebrated every day of the convention.
 A big part of the charity that the ICF donates to is Cooley's Anemia. Childrens Hospital & Research Center Oakland, is one of the specialty centers, that help people that are suffering from Thalassemia(Cooley's Anemia). Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder. Italians are at high risk of this blood disorder. Hence the reason why the ICF adopted this charity.
Another charity is for young high school graduates. 
Scholarships are given at every branch, and continued throughout the students 3-4 years they are attending college.

The ICF also gives out a Pope John XXIII award every year. This award is given to a lay person, who best exemplifies the humanitarian qualities of this exemplary pope. This year it was awarded to
Bruno Serato, owner of Anaheim White House Restaurant. He is also the founder of the non-profit organization, Caterina's Club. Caterina's Club feeds low-income families, pasta and
vegetables, 7 nights a week! Bruno Serato has been doing this for the past 8 years. He has served
more than 500,000 meals to date. His story of coming here to America and his inspiration for doing this act of kindness, is amazing, and
heartwarming! He well deserved this honorable award!!!

 So many other good deeds are done by the ICF.
If you are Catholic and Italian (or even just a part Italian), look up the ICF
 to see if there is a branch near you and JOIN!!!
 Wonderful, faith filled Italians coming together as a 'Familia'
"Ah, Bellesimo!!!"

The branch my family and I belong to was hosting this year's convention, so
I thought I would donate some of my quilling art to the boutique and donate the proceeds to the ICF.
I had quilled one piece and drew up 18 different styles of Italian greeting cards.
(I enjoyed myself so much as I was creating all of these items.)
The quilled piece that I did was sold by a silent auction. It was exciting to see
that my work touched people, and that they were bidding on it.
 The couple that had the final bid on it had to leave early, so unfortunately, I was unable to meet them.
(May God bless them and may my work bring them joy! )

I had seen this saying on a plate and it inspired me to make this!
The design is my own!

Please, I would love to hear any comments or questions you might