Friday, March 28, 2014


Weekly Challenge #160
"String Theory: Spiral out, Keep Going! (v.2)"
    Okay, I know I said I was real busy right now with my parent's 50th anniversary, but I couldn't help to want to spiral out, again!! And mostly, on an egg!! For years my mother and I have done Pysanky egg art. It is a Ukrainian tradition done for Easter. I LOVE doing Pysanky eggs.(Unfortunately, not enough time to do that right now in my life.) Now that I have been introduced to Zentangle, Pysanky is quite like the form of Zentangle. Except that with Pysanky, each and every symbol or stroke put onto an egg, has a meaning. Even the color that is used, is all symbolic. Pysanky is a Christian art form that dates way back. (At another time, I will do a whole post on Pysanky) But since I am strapped for time, I will hold off on that for now. So this leads to my desire to want to spiral an egg!! (Usually in the art of Pynsaky, you don't want to spiral, the circular lines need to meet and be precise.) Anyway, I though it might be fun to do a quicky!!! (those usually are fun, aren't they?) heehee
   Here is my spiraled l out zent'egg'le!!   (click images to enlarge)
This end I want to use lines to work between. 

This side of the egg, I wanted to keep airy, open and more organic.

Side view.  I used a blown out, light brown egg.
   The reason I hurried to get this in and post it is to, maybe inspire all of you! Easter is right around the corner! But also, that it is really fun to spiral on an oval shape such as an egg. Give it a try! (I will go into more detail on pens and tangles that I used, in a future post.) So stayed tuned!!

The work that everyone has done with this Diva Challenge, is just simply AMAZING!!
Have an awesome weekend!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Weekly Challenge #160: 
"String Theory: Spiral out, Keep Going! (v.2)"

 I used tangles Quib, and Jax
    I kinda went simple and quick this week. I have two more weeks until the big day! My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and I am the event planner!! On top of that, we went camping this past weekend and you know what that means when you get home..........Lot's of laundry and clean up!!! Wait,.........there's more! My kids have a two week break from school!! So my next two weeks are gonna be a little bit CRAZY!!!!  But,........there's no way, that I'm gonna miss a Diva Challenge!!! As always, Laura, a great challenge!!!!!
My three little munchkin's trying to fall asleep!
It got down to 40 degrees in early morning! So. CA. people not used to that cold temps!
Fishing, but no luck!!
True camping, our families 1st time!! Loved it!!!

Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

As in 
'Figure of Speach'

   I decided to look up the word 'figure' in the dictionary and found 22 different (noun) definitions. So I decided to use it as a rhetoric. 

I know, a bit 'silly', but imagine a butterfly, or any bug, with ears?

   As I mentioned up above, I am to be VERY busy this next two weeks, so without missing a challenge, my entries might be a little quick and not up to par. 
Have an AWESOME week!
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Monday, March 17, 2014


Top O' the Mornin'
Weekly Challenge #159

   I have to confess, this first one I had done last St Patty's Day, but it was before I knew about the real Zentangle! So, I thought I would share this Zia with you now! (The three leaf clover is to represent the Trinity, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The four leaf clover is supposed to be 'Good Luck', that's if you can ever find one :0) )!
I actually used this for a birthday card for my nephew. He was born on the 17th! (and as you can see it was done in a book I had bought to practice doodling.)
   This next one I did was a quickie and hopefully later I can do one in more of the true Zentangle style. The horse shoe is also an Irish symbol of Good Luck!
This Zia is made up of my tangle 120 Ribbonz (step out here) and Schway
   Have an Irished Blessed Day and Week!!! Watch out for the green beer!!!
*My niece is having her first treatment today so I'm asking for prayers. The treatments will last 6 weeks. So continued prayers are needed, please!! Thank you,.....and God Bless You!!! XO's
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Weekly Challenge

Here's to Tom Hanks for an Awesome movie!! (cover picture for DVD)
   I tried to think out of the box on this one!! But I may go back and do an original forest Inchie, because I love, love, love drawing trees.! In the meantime, have an awesome week!!
Love to all!
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Monday, March 10, 2014


Weekly Challenge #158
Diva Dance + Crescent Moon

   Let me see you Diva Dance underneath the Crescent Moon!!! Here at Call it What You Quill, I'm still supporting brain cancer awareness and what better way, than to throw in some dance moves, under the perfect lighting, to show that 'gray matters'!!

   What a fun challenge!! Thanks Laura!! You always stretch our imagination! I would never, on my own use just these two tangles together, but you bring us to the challenge!!! That's what I love about your challenges! They kinda force us to go places we may never go on our own. You're constantly stretching our imagination!!! (That would be a cool name for a tangle! I might have to put some brain work together!!)
Have an awesome week!
And as always, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!
Okay, I have to admit, I had so much fun with this challenge, that I wanted to have a little more fun! After seeing so many other entries that added color, I just had to play a little more!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Share some Zen, 
in this Tangled world!!
Go to the Diva's blog and join in on the fun!!

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Weekly Challenge

   This week's challenge was inspired by my marriage! My husband and I met, when I was 34 and he was 36. So it was a pretty big deal that neither of us had been married before or had children (especially in this day and age). Anyway, we felt that the long wait to find each other was so worth it. So we had messages 'Engraved' on our rings.  
His reads
"Patience Reward",
and mine reads
"Enduring Love."
So either way you read it, mine first or his, it has the same meaning! Patience Reward brought us Enduring Love!!! Enduring Love is our Patience Reward!!

   (By the way, if anyone ever comes across, a size 12 platinum and gold, men's ring, that has engraved, 'Patience Reward' on it, let me know! My husband LOST his ring 2 years ago!!! Grrrrrrr!!)
And that's no joke!
Hope your week is a 'Fab' one!!
Don't forget to stop by Every Inchie Monday and check out 
all the other 'Engraved' ideas!!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Weekly Challenge #157 
'UMT Charlie'

   I tried this tangle a while ago, when Laura asked us to go out of our comfort zone. Well, for some reason, I just didn't do to well with it then, but this time I rather enjoyed it and feel like I want to do more with it!!! Erin Olson, thank you, for a fun and versatile tangle to play with!!!!
"No great pumpkin here Charlie Brown!"
Just a Tangle!
Tangles: Charlie and Sh'Rock  (click to enlarge)
Thank you for all your friendly messages and You make my day!!!
Enjoy Your week!

Weekly Challenge

   For some reason, when I looked at this word, I thought of something that explodes in your mouth!!!
And then the song came into my mind from a commercial in 1974.  "Put a Tic Tac in your mouth and get a BANG out of life!!!" Tic Tac You Tube will show you this commercial. But watch out, because once you hear it, you won't be able to get it out of your head!! Check it out though, it is a fun one! Probably for a few of you, it'll be a flash back!!!

   Don't forget to check out all of the other 'Explosions' at Every Inchie Monday!!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014


'120  Ribbonz'

   This is a new tangle that I created, inspired by my niece, and her battle with brain cancer! The title of this is to let people know that their are 120 different types of brain cancer. And the color of brain cancer awareness is gray! Please use this tangle and help promote Brain Cancer Awareness, and/or any other cancer! Let's spread the word! Let's show our compassion!!!
Again, let's show support to our loved ones and/or anyone out there that is battling cancer!
Tangle '120 Ribbonz' and show we care!!
Start that 'Ripple Effect'!
My new tangle: "120 Ribbonz"

Click to enlarge The outer border is a variation of '120 Ribbonz'

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With my permission (Annette Carlo), any artwork can be used for Brain Cancer Awareness.

Brain Cancer Awareness

   I told my niece I wanted to do an Awareness post on my blog. I asked her if it was ok to tell her story but not use her name. Just say I know someone dear to me who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Well, she told me to use her name and her story to help encourage people to become more aware of brain cancer.  
   I first have to say, I have started, and restarted this post and I still don't know if it's the way I want to write it. So here I am trying again. (It is a difficult thing to express and write about.)
   Back in December of last year, (2013), my 21 year old niece had a seizure, which she had never had one before. Having that, it led to testing. With the testing, the doctors found out she had a brain tumor.  Thank God, she had a successful surgery in removing the tumor. The biopsy was done and unfortunately the results came back malignant. They got the whole tumor, but with the type of cancer that the tumor was, it had already gone into her brain cells. A lot of brain cancers are hard to diagnose because they do not show up in blood testing, as far as white blood cell count goes. Unlike many other cancer detecting tests. (I really need to do more awareness myself, so I don't know if this is true for all brain cancers.) They diagnosed her cancer as Anaplasta Astrocytoma- Grade 3. Since, she has had two more seizures because of where her tumor was. (Again, I believe, not all patients who suffer from brain tumors/cancer, have seizures.) She will begin her chemotherapy and radiation treatments soon. That will begin a whole new journey for her and the family. She is surrounded with love, from family and friends. She is a strong and brave soul!  We all have Faith and Hope that she will win this fight of cancer! "Katie you are AMAZING!!!!  
   The reason I put so much detail into her story, is because I had NO 'REAL' idea about any kind of cancers, especially brain cancer and the effects that it has on the person and their families. So much support is needed for the person going through it and the family members. So it has moved me to want to help people know the 'REALNESS' of it.
   I had know idea. But did you know that there are 120 different brain cancers, alone? The American Brain Tumor Association, is constantly trying to raise money to try and find ways to treat and hopefully be able to test for brain tumors, before a tragic symptom appears. I have only read part of the information on brain tumors, as it is overwhelming, but I want to learn more. It is also amazing how much more empathy I feel for sufferers and their families that have to go through something like this. I never knew! Please, I encourage you to go to the site and read and maybe help donate to a cause that could save someone's life!!! Did you also know that the gray ribbon is the symbol for brain cancer, diabetes and asthma? Reason being for the motto, "Gray Matters!" That I thought was very clever!
   Since I express better through vocals and art, I am going to use this post as a venue to share my awareness contributions.
   Feel free to use any of the Brain Cancer Awareness artwork as long as I approve it and it is not used for individual means of making money. Other than for raising money for The American Brain Tumor Association.
   As I learn more I will share it with you! In the meantime I do want to share my inspirations and hope that it will create Ripple Effect, to bring awareness and more compassion and understanding to any and everybody that is going through any kind of disease.

Zentangle and Brain Cancer

   Back in September I started learning about a whole new art form called Zentangle. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are the creators of this technique and their motto is "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time." ( It's basically, doodling, but coming from a whole new angle and technique. So that anybody could create art. Even someone who has no artistic talent at all. "one stroke at a time.") And then Sandy Steen Bartholomew from BEEZ in the Belfry, illustrator and author of many books, took it to another level. She has a book called, "Yoga for the Brain" and also a phone app called, "Tangle Library". Well, the reason I bring any of this to your attention, is that my niece is a doodler. One of her college classes is Yoga. So she showed me a journal that she is keeping and she titled it Brain Yoga! Not even knowing yet, about Zentangle or the  "Yoga for the Brain", book even existed. I bought her a few books and introduced Zentangle to her. She has found that it helps relax her mind and is a form of therapy for her. This is her first Zia (Zentangle- Inspired Art). I think she did a fabulous job! And it wasn't quite finished yet at this point.
Katie's first ZIA (Zentangl-Inspired Art)  She's a natural!!!
   I guess I am also promoting Zentangle here, also! But I figure, it can be a part of the Ripple Effect, in that, it could find therapy for someone else out there reading this post. Again, this is going to be my way of expressing and promoting Brain Cancer Awareness! Through Zentangle and Zias!!!
Let's see if it inspires you to bring
Awareness to Brain Cancer!!
Remember, it all starts with one stones throw,
and creates a 'Ripple Effect!"

Prayer and Hugs