Friday, March 28, 2014


Weekly Challenge #160
"String Theory: Spiral out, Keep Going! (v.2)"
    Okay, I know I said I was real busy right now with my parent's 50th anniversary, but I couldn't help to want to spiral out, again!! And mostly, on an egg!! For years my mother and I have done Pysanky egg art. It is a Ukrainian tradition done for Easter. I LOVE doing Pysanky eggs.(Unfortunately, not enough time to do that right now in my life.) Now that I have been introduced to Zentangle, Pysanky is quite like the form of Zentangle. Except that with Pysanky, each and every symbol or stroke put onto an egg, has a meaning. Even the color that is used, is all symbolic. Pysanky is a Christian art form that dates way back. (At another time, I will do a whole post on Pysanky) But since I am strapped for time, I will hold off on that for now. So this leads to my desire to want to spiral an egg!! (Usually in the art of Pynsaky, you don't want to spiral, the circular lines need to meet and be precise.) Anyway, I though it might be fun to do a quicky!!! (those usually are fun, aren't they?) heehee
   Here is my spiraled l out zent'egg'le!!   (click images to enlarge)
This end I want to use lines to work between. 

This side of the egg, I wanted to keep airy, open and more organic.

Side view.  I used a blown out, light brown egg.
   The reason I hurried to get this in and post it is to, maybe inspire all of you! Easter is right around the corner! But also, that it is really fun to spiral on an oval shape such as an egg. Give it a try! (I will go into more detail on pens and tangles that I used, in a future post.) So stayed tuned!!

The work that everyone has done with this Diva Challenge, is just simply AMAZING!!
Have an awesome weekend!

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