Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Weekly Challenge #161
"In a Quandary about 'Quandary' ?????"
   Well, I hope this helps you out, then! For some reason I had trouble with the triangle seed step out for quandary, myself. Well, I have always loved to draw flowers, and then it hit me! Draw a 6 petal 'Quandary'! I found that using this method, it helped me feel mere creative and not so restricted with triangles. And yet, just like Laura states in her post, you don't have to be perfect! So think of it as a flower. Sometimes petals fall, and sometimes they are a little 'caddy wampus' (one of my favorite words to describe lopsided or mis shapen). Anyway, I find that if you start out with two petals directly across from each other and then add two more, and then the last two, you have a flower! Then the neat thing about that, when you add your next flower, and use the same method, you end up with triangles!!! Wha la!!!! (JUST REMEMBER TO ROTATE YOUR PAPER!!) I find that helps enormously, too!!! So here goes....... (let me know what you think...)
click on image to enlargeI just learned of Helen Wolters awesome you tube video with a step out of Quandary also. Mine is similar , so between the two of them, they might be able to help someone out.
Yes, it's Monday morning and I'm still adding to my last week post. Well, Anniversary is over and I woke up feeling like I didn't get to really get into last weeks challenge. So here is another entry (as you can see a little oops in there. I didn't plan my ribbons in the right places. Close but not totally.)
So sorry this is not tip top quality, but I really shouldn't have even done the challenge this week! I HAVE SOOOOO MUCH TO DO WITH MY PARENT'S ANNIVERSAY!!!! YEEEKSS!! But I just gotta say this! "Laura, it's all your fault!!! You put out the best challenges! So much so, that I think I am addicted!!! I can't go on with my week until I have entered the 'Diva Challenge Zone'!!" So really what I'm saying is THANK YOU LAURA!!! I think know matter what my week is like, it really helps to get into that Zen, and take a break from everything else. I think that is what helps me stay sane!!! :0)
Real quick, this one I started while on my camping trip. It's a handbag that I'm trying to tangle all over! And I used 'Quandary'.
Have a blessed week!!!

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