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your Easter eggs this year!!!

   Hello Everyone, and Happy Holy week!!! I just wanted to do a little 'Egg'stra post on Zentangled Easter Eggs! You can go to my post on March 28, 2014, When, I believe, I posted my first Zent'egg'led, Easter Egg. I use a real egg, only because I have been doing artwork on eggs for 15 years now, and I have a lot of blown out eggs saved up! But being that I have started the awesome art of Zentangle, this is my first year Zent'egg'ling an egg.
   I just want to share some helpful hints that worked for me.

   If you look in this photo, the colored Recollections markers, worked great on the natural egg. (Now I have not yet tried them on plastic eggs.) But one of the BEST finds I have come across, is the 'PERMANENT LePEN' !!! I will never go without owning one of these awesome pens! The secret to these pens is that they are alcohol based. Therefor they dry 'lickity split'!!! No need to wait for drying time! I have tried them on so many slick surfaces, and each time, it works! Plus it does not rub off!   (I found it was a hidden secret, for people who personalize Christmas ornaments, in the shopping mall. They never wanted to tell me what kind of pen they were using. So I was on a hunt. And a very nice sales clerk at JoAnnes' Fabrics let me try some pens out without purchasing them first. And,.... Wah La, I found the secret treasure!!!!) I'm sorry, but some things "ARE" worth letting out of the bag! I believe in sharing the good news!! 
   So again, if you go to my past post, you will see one example. Then I decided it would be a great contribution to send one to the CBS Sunday Morning, Zentangle effort. Linda Cobb and Linda Halvorsen, are the two CZTs that are organizing this great effort. Trying to get CBS to run an excerpt on Zentangle and the founders, Rick and Maria! I think it is awesome!! I hope it works! (Entries were supposed to be in by April 1st, but I see that more people are still sending them in,.....Like me! ) If you go to Zentangle Blog, you can see sooooo many beautiful and creative entries that fellow Tanglers have sent in! It's not too late to enter yours too!!! 
   So here is my entry. Including a Zent'Egg'le!!
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My story is about using Zentangle to bring awareness to a 'CAUSE'! You can see by going to the header of my blog and click on  Ripple Effect. Also, if you go to labels marked 'Brain Cancer Awareness', you will see more Zentangle for a 'CAUSE'!

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For the very bright yellow, I had used a water color brush pen. I don't have the package anymore, otherwise I would share the brand.
I hope you enjoyed the little bit of info. I hope that it helps! 
So go on an 'Egg'stravaganza, and 
your Easter Eggs this year!! 
If I have a chance, I want to do more Zent'Egg'les, and if I do, I will add them to this post!

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