Thursday, February 26, 2015


Weekly Challenge #206

   MY choice of tool, was wax and an egg!! Last year I used markers on real eggs to create Zent'Egg'les, for Easter. Well, years ago I use to do the real Pysanky eggs. It has been way to long since I have done this, and when I pulled out my tools, I realized, just how much I miss working with eggs and Pysanky! Anyway, the process is slower than that of a marker, but it is very zen and relaxing!

Here is the same egg, but I have used vinegar to eat away part of the shell and that is why it is so much lighter in color. I will be doing a special post for more about that process, soon. So keep your eye out for a how to! If I were to remove the wax, the darker brown color of the egg will be the design!
Ok, so I know how to do Pysanky on eggs, but doing tangles, ..........was a whole different experience!  The process of laying out a design is different.  But oh, so much fun!!!
   Once I had finished that project, I then I thought I would try another tool that I have been wanting to play with to create Zentangle. Paper strips!!! I have been working on a project where I will be combing Tangling with Microns and Tangling with paper! Tangled,....Quilling!!! Here is my first go at it. (Really so much of quilling is using tangles, but in a different sense.)  With Zentangle there are no mistakes. But with quilling, it is a little more difficult to allow for mistakes. 
My tools that I used are in this pic.

I used as many scrap pieces of quilling paper as I could that would look ok.

I did shading with the gray marker. 

This was so much fun too!!! I truly love quilling, but it takes so much time and patience to complete a project. That's probably why I fell in love with Zentangle. I can see results and finished project within 30 min. to an hour. This project just got me so excited to finish the big one that I have been working on for my niece. 

   Thanks Laura for the challenge! It's always nice to stretch our comfort zone!!!

go put some
into this 

Weekly Challenge

   With trying to stay to my challenge, in doing all of my Inchies the Zentangle way, I just had to use Bijou for this one. Then I had to do a little bit of 'play on words'. So my Inchie is with Bijou and 'Snail' mail!!!
I tried to use as many different tangles as I could, but I have to be honest, this is going to be hard to do all year!!

I hope to see you all next week
as we Inchie our way there!!

to all!
Have a blessed week!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Weekly Challenge #205
'The Year of the Goat'

   I was inspired by a vintage design of 2015 year of the goat, on Pinterest. (The picture basically gave me the idea to use goats heads for the 2 and the 5, the rest I created on my own.) Once I had the vision, I just ran with it and had so much fun. 
I kinda liked it like this, but when I think of Chinese New Year, I think of bright colors!

Colored and shaded version.
   I just love astrology! I think it is so much fun! And to add the Chinese astrology, it just adds a whole other dimension.
   I'm a rooster and a Leo! Crazy combination!
Anyway, thanks for the fun Laura!!!
  Last week was,......well,...........let's just say,.......this week is so much better!! :0) If you want to take a peek at my Valentangles, please go HERE.
Many (((hugs)))) to all who visit my blog and a special THANKS, to everyone that leaves a bit of sunshine!! :0)

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Weekly Challenge

   Catching up. Last week's Inchie, Night.

This week's word, 'Text'.
Okay, I know I used color!.............But I just had to add the color for illuminated text! (I wish I could do the real thing!! I just love the look of Illuminated text!!!)

   I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
Love to all and we'll see you next week!


Sunday, February 15, 2015


Weekly Challenge #204

for my honey ;0*

for my oldest son

I made all of these special Valentines, for all of the special Valentines in my life!!!

for my second son

for my daughter

What can be better than an expression of love with a card, and..........chocolate!!!

Love to all!!

Monday, February 2, 2015


Weekly Challenge
UMT: 'Athitzi' by Seven

   Well, I couldn't help but add a little welcome to our friend for today, in the US. The ground hog! Poor lil' guy! He's in one of those positions, where he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't! Well, it looks like we are in for 6 more weeks of winter!!!( In California, we're saying hooray!!) I know in other parts of the country, many people are wishing for a little sunshine, and not to happy with his prediction! 
The little saying I found on Pinterest. His shadow looks a little lame, kinda like the outline when someone dies......! Yeeks!
   So, I had my fun this morning!
I do have to say, when I woke up and saw the UMT for today, I was quite excited!!! For some reason, lately, I have been having such Zen moments when drawing lines!! Woohoo!! And that's exactly what 'Athitzi' is all about!!! "Seven, I just love 'Athitzi'!!! Any tangle that can fill space with style is a favorite of mine!! It is going to be so much fun!! Thank you for sharing it with us!" And thank you Laura for choosing it as a new introduction to the tangle community!
Here's my real go at Athitzi! I was in such the, 'Zentangle space'!! It all just flowed! 

  While watching the Super Bowl with my hubby, I tried a Zendala, for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!
 I think I did it right. I have been so fearful of them. Don't ask me why, cause I don't know!! I think intimidation is probably the answer. So many beautiful Zendalas out there!!!!! 
Tangles used: 'SitZen' and Cruffle. I still feel like I need to do something else on the page. As you can see, I did not use a template. My circle is a little wonky!!!
   I want to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving a bit of warmth on my blog! You're awesome! (I think I caught Laura's family cold,  ;0( so I was on the lay low this week end. Hope to get to pass on the warmth this week.)
(((HUGS))) to ya' all!!
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Weekly Challenge Word

   So this tangling all my Inchies for the year, is gonna be challenging!!! Anyway, here's what I came up with.
Remember, click on any image to enlarge.
   And then my son inspired me to finally glue down all of my Inchies from 2014 and part of 2013, and frame it. Got that done today, too!! (Of course, I still have a room full of all my Christmas decor, waiting to be put away! Yeeks!) But, still feeling a bit under the weather, I felt like my project with my Inchies, was more important! ;0)
I had started doing Inchies, (thanks to my friend Zoe, who introduced me to this fun art), in Sept, of 2013.
   What a fun ride it has been! So I can't wait to put all of my black and whites together for next year! (I hope it will look as cool as I envision it will be.)
See you all next week, and thank you for dropping by and warming my heart with your comments!

and Enjoy, as you 
your way 
to next week!!