Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Weekly Challenge #205
'The Year of the Goat'

   I was inspired by a vintage design of 2015 year of the goat, on Pinterest. (The picture basically gave me the idea to use goats heads for the 2 and the 5, the rest I created on my own.) Once I had the vision, I just ran with it and had so much fun. 
I kinda liked it like this, but when I think of Chinese New Year, I think of bright colors!

Colored and shaded version.
   I just love astrology! I think it is so much fun! And to add the Chinese astrology, it just adds a whole other dimension.
   I'm a rooster and a Leo! Crazy combination!
Anyway, thanks for the fun Laura!!!
  Last week was,......well,...........let's just say,.......this week is so much better!! :0) If you want to take a peek at my Valentangles, please go HERE.
Many (((hugs)))) to all who visit my blog and a special THANKS, to everyone that leaves a bit of sunshine!! :0)

put some
into this 

Weekly Challenge

   Catching up. Last week's Inchie, Night.

This week's word, 'Text'.
Okay, I know I used color!.............But I just had to add the color for illuminated text! (I wish I could do the real thing!! I just love the look of Illuminated text!!!)

   I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
Love to all and we'll see you next week!



sally said...

Cool astrology tangles really like it! is nice to see you caught up with the Inchies for last week and this week's illuminations wow!


(I'm a monkey & crab)

Suzanne Fluhr said...

I'm a Taurus, born in the year of the Horse----to mix my astrological systems. Come to think of it, my so-called goat could be a bull, but it's a goat----that's my story and I'm sticking to it ;-) I'm glad you're feeling happier. I was until I had to walk the dog with a wind chill below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Happy Lunar New Year!

MySpecialist said...

Annette, this is truly beautiful art! The Chinese New Year is stunning, and illuminated letter is inspired (I love them).

David Hunter said...

Your Year of the Goat Tile is brilliant. What a creative design you have, and your colors are wonderful. Love the Inchies and the Text inchie is awesome. Love the sparkly highlights. Love it, Annette.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I love your 'goat' tile, Annette. You did so very well.
Astrology is indeed fun (with a serious part in it for me too). I'm a Rat and if I read about rats, it's really about me:-)

Annette P.-L. said...

Gorgeous tile with the goat and sheep! Wonderful idea! Like your inchie, too!

Kia said...

Beautiful artwork. Love the goat tile with the goats facing two ways, as if looking at the past and the future. Your inchies are adorable, especially the illuminated MS - I think you did a great job = wish I'd thought of that idea, but couldn't have done it as well as you did.

Sheila Grube said...

This is AMAZING!! Great job!

SuzyMosh said...

Wonderful inchie!

Antonine said...

Beautiful 2015 design, and I just love the red and gold background you used. Lovely!

freebird7100 said...

I love the 2015, the black and white one looks great but the colored one looks awesome! I really love the night inchie, so much meaning and detail in it! great job. I also love the text inchie, you got alot of words in one inch! great work this week!

Chrissie Frampton said...

Great composition, you've made a super tile.