Wednesday, January 28, 2015


National Handwriting Day

   I found out about this just today, but want to share this with you! I found out about it from Elvie Studio. She has such a magnificent blog. You can learn so much from her. 
Anyway, here is my entry for National Handwriting Day!
Micron Brush, and Micron .01

Colored with Sakura Gelly Roll Souffle, Blue and Brown Micron,  Sakura Stardust, and colored pencils

   One of my favorite quotes, from Mother Teresa!


Monday, January 26, 2015


Weekly Challenge #202
DuoTangle: Chebucto vs. Copada

   I enjoyed playing with these two tangles, by Margaret Bremner at the blog The Enthusiastic Artist. Go visit her blog, as it is just amazing to see all of her beautiful work!! WOW!! Great blog, Margaret, and thanks for sharing your tangles with us!!! 
   Laura, awesome Duo!!! I really had fun with it! Hope the little Harms family is up and running and feeling better soon!! :0)
   I had mentioned at the very beginning of January, that I will be using my Diva, weekly challenges as Zentangle Acts of Kindness (or RAZ), and leave them all over! So a good friend from the internet (not mentioning any names, Jean Chaney), cough cough, left me a sweet little ray of sunshine with this message. "Your positive attitude, is your best friend!" Well, I liked it so much, that I had to use that for my inspiration for this challenge!
Oops, you can see, I flubbed up Chebucto on the inside ring of the sun. 
I really did like this Zia just as is, but felt like it needed a lift of color to bring life to this awesome quote!
Colored with Prisma pencils. Shading done with slate, Recollections marker.
   It just made me even happier to see her words put on paper! Thanks Jean! ;0)
To all of you special people that left me messages last week, WOW, you gave me so many warm fuzzies that I was ready to burst!! Thank you ever so much! As I mentioned to some of you, blogging is a place where one can vent and air out some frustration! Well, I did just that, last week. So thank you for listening to me vent!! I really was doing just that!!! (((((((HUGS))))))) to you all!

Go put 
into this 

Weekly Challenge

   The best description that I could come up with and do in the Zentangle method, was this.
Tangles used: Twisted Rope, Hypnotic and Knot Rickz
   After I do my Inchie of the week, I ask my kiddos, if they can guess what the word is for the week. They could not figure this one out because they have no idea what an old phone receiver looks like! (Wow, am I feeling older!!! Eeekks)
   As much as I love doing embellished Inchies, I do have to say, these Zentangle Inchies are really a lot of fun!! (and are better with time managing. But ssshhhh, don't tell anyone)!
See ya' later, as we Inchie our way into next week!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Weekly Challenge #201
Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

   Laura, from the Diva's Weekly Challenge, has asked us to support Moebius Syndrome. Her youngest son has this syndrome and she wants to bring awareness to it. So January 24, is Awareness Day. So wear your purple and read more about his syndrome on the Diva's blog. In honor of Artoo and the other 1-2, OUT of a million children that have this syndrome, we just want to say, ... "We love you and we care!!!!!"
I designed little kids holding hands, using the Moebius Syndrome Logo, and then tangled each logo.
   We do love you Artoo and Laura and family! Artoo is making progress leaps and bounds! Thank you Laura for sharing your brave story and for making us aware. Continued blessings along your journey! (((hugs)))
Go put some
into this

Weekly Challenge

   As much as I like giraffes, which was last week's word, I just love elephants too!!! So many ideas, and yet since I am going to try to do all of my Inchies in the style of Zentangle this year, I decided to go with this.
Kinda in the style of the Indian painted elephants. Tangles used, 'Aquafleur','Steps', 'Cruffle' and a few others.
Remember, click to enlarge
   Please, if you have any interest in doing Zentangle, then join in on the fun with the Diva's Weekly Challenge, or if you're into tiny art, then challenge yourself with joining the Every Inchie Monday Challenge! Everyone is super friendly and a good time is had by all!!! Hope to see you on the Challenge!!!

"One Little Word"
   Last year on the Diva's Challenge, she asked us to think of 'one little word' to bring into the new year, '2014'! I just loved the challenge and the idea of that. I was hoping she would do that again this year, but she had a milestone post to celebrate instead. (She did post her one little word for this year though, and I think it's a great one for her! Laura's word is 'BadAss'!) And by the way, "Congratualtions Laura for getting to your 200 entries on your blog last week. You are a BadAss!! (heehee) (I entered twice, just to try and help out :0) ) So, since she inspired me last year with that challenge, I felt I really wanted/needed to use this word for '2015'. 

   I have and am going to have so much change going on in my life this year and I need to figure out how I am going to deal with it. Some is Great, and some is well, not so great! But that is why I want to use it, because for the not so great change, I need to figure out how I can embrace it and if not what I can do to change the way I deal with it! Whew,.........without getting to heavy and deep, I created this Zia, to show that there is a word inside of 'Change' that might help me to deal with the change that is difficult for me. "CAN" I can change the situation, and or the way I feel about it. (If you notice, the upper left is darker and heavier colored tangles, and the lower right I did a little more light and airy!! A little subliminal of yin/yang, to find balance and harmony. And the word is breaking through the paper, as if pushing itself on me!(lately that is how some of the change going on in my life feels.)) Anyway, I encourage you to think of 'one little word' to either inspire or motivate you , for the new year! 
   Here's just a few of the changes I'm not looking forward to.

All of this beautiful view from where I live is going to be obstructed. I grew up here and the roads used to be small dirt roads, all farm land. Now with development and progress, it is all 'Changing'!!!
I grew up in-house on the N/W corner. My parents still live in that house. I bought the house across the street from them on the N/E corner. And my Sister (my best friend) lived on the S/W corner. (We are a very close, tight nit family.)
Anyway, her house has already been torn down and a big huge warehouse is in place of it (just in the amount of 6 months)! The picture up above and to the right is my view out my window. It is the 4th corner. In 6 more months there will be another warehouse there.(Again obstructing my beautiful view of our hills!) My corner is being negotiated right now. So in a year or two, My lil' family will be moving. They haven't tried bargaining with my parents corner yet. Which bothers me, because they are getting up in age and I really don't like to see them have to move, and yet I would want them to live close to one of us children because they are getting older. So long story short, this is the change I'm not to crazy about.
Empty corner across from me , but across the street is the new building.
My sister's house after she moved out, right before they tore it down. Of course when she owned it, it was all green an lush. Big huge pine tree, close to a century old, just knocked down.

View of the warehouse on the corner where my sister's house was.
   The positive change, that I am totally looking forward to is 'I AM GOING TO BE A CZT THIS YEAR!!!" (Sorry, I am just so excited, I just have to shout that one out!!!) I will be attending CZT #20!! So if any of you are going, please send me a message!!! With this change, I see so many new possibilities for me.
You see though, I need to look at what I call negative change and turn it into positive!
My Montra is 'Change'
(Can Change)
My Prayer is 
Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept
 the things I cannot change:
courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference! Reinhold Niebuhr

   I am sorry this was such a long post, and yet for those of you that actually stuck by and read it, thank you!! I mostly am pretty private on my blog but I am making change!!! 
Thank you for stopping by and listening!!! To all that leave a little sunshine on my blog, Thanks a million, and many ((((((hugs)))))!!! Have a blessed day and a cheerful heart!!! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I Am the Diva, CZT
Weekly Challenge #200
2nd Entry
Mooka, 'Mac n Cheese'

   Laura, is celebrating her 200th Challenge on her blog. And by doing so it would be great to see 200 entries for this challenge, so I am going to enter a second one. (I hope that counts;0) )

Weekly Challenge #200
'Monotangle: Bi-Zen-tennial Celebration'

   "CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!!!  What a fantastic accomplishment!! You are the Diva, after all, ...You go Girl!!!! "
   Even though it is The Diva's Bi-Zen-Tennial celebration, I have only been doing her challenges since Challenge #136. So I have been a part of this Zentangle community for 74 blogposts!!! Whoo Hoo!! That is a lot for me!!! I can't wait to hit the 200 mark! What a ride!!! If you click HERE, you will see my first entry. (I kinda like to look back and see how I've grown.) Mooka is one of my go to tangles but I also use 'Ooples' to fill in space.
Here's to you Laura!!! 
Tangle used: 'Ooples' step outs here
   Everyone have a wonderfully happy week!!! Kids are back in school so I'm hoping to have a little more time. (Oh, I forgot, first I have to take down my Christmas tree and then put away all the decor and put the house back in order!!!!) (it always takes me a while to to that :0/ )

Go put some 
 into this 


Weekly Challenge

   Well, I have to say, it hit me the other night,...................Do ALL Inchies with a spin of Zentangle!! I thought it would probably look really cool at the end of the year to have all of my Zentangle Inchies on one paper! All black and white!!! (I think that is going to be hard to stick with, but I'm gonna try) So with that said, I redid last week's Inchie, 'Egg'.
Tangles used: Hallibaugh and Verdigogh

And here is my Zentangle Mooka family!
Mooka, Giraffe family

   Hope all of you have a wonderfully awesome week! It is so nice to see that the Inchie Family has grown!! Welcome aboard to all of you newcomers! Inchie's are so much fun!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015



I Am the Diva, CZT
Weekly Challenge #199
UMT: 'Hitched' by HeidiSue
Tangles used: Hitched, Akoya, and Quandary

   In the year 2015, I hope to use all of my Diva entries as RAZ (Random Acts of Zentangle), or as I like to call them Zentangle Acts of Kindness! 
A big thanks and special ((((hugs)))) to all who leave warmness on my blog!!! 
I'd say they look a little tangled!!

Go Put some 
in this 

Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

I don't really know what kind of egg this is, but I found it in our yard. It actually has a bit of blue in it but it is hard to capture that in a photo. I thought it was just beautiful! Since I have a real fondness of eggs, I just had to keep it. (Now it was put to use.)
   And now for catch up from the last,....................4 weeks...........yeeks!

'Walk the dog', gives a whole new meaning when talking about 
yo-yo's. (I never could do that.)
Remember, to get a closer look, click on images

I think of daisies, when I think of the color yellow! That or the sun. 
sorry so fuzzy

Remember when hair 'crimping' was in, back in the 80's? Well that made me think of zigzag. Picture doesn't show the  fluorescent colors I used, but do you remember that too?
(I think I'm dating myself with this image)
The last Inchie word for 2014! With the Christmas Spirit, in mind, how could I think of anything more magical, than the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ?!!!!!!
My Mooka Holy Family!

   Here are just a few other projects I worked on during the last month.
 I tangled these porcelain stocking ornaments with Sharpie markers and baked them at 400 for 30 minutes. They were gifts for my Bunco friends. (Sharpies don't stay on forever, especially if you are going to be washing the ceramic, but I figured I was pretty safe with these because I gather they won't be getting washed.)

Air Drying Clay Project

This little guy I sculpted with air drying clay. The '$.99 cent' store had these kits for making a Santa, a Snowman or a Gingerbread man with this air drying clay. I have seen this clay at local craft stores too. (Next year I'm going to price the large containers to see if it's cheaper than buying individual kits.) I bought a kit for each kid in both my sons classes and they handed them out as gifts.
In my younger son's class the teacher asked if I would help teach an art project for Christmas, so we actually made the Santas in class. Now mind you, after I had made this lil' guy the night before, I knew that the kid's Santas would have to be made flat and not 3D.
It was a good thing we did!  (Flat Santas were a challenge all in itself.) But the kids made them and then I put holes in them to make them as ornaments to give to their parents and to hopefully have as a keepsake from 2nd grade! It was a lot of fun!!!!

Here's to wishing each and every one of you who visit my blog!
From my lil' family, to yours!!!