Wednesday, January 7, 2015



I Am the Diva, CZT
Weekly Challenge #199
UMT: 'Hitched' by HeidiSue
Tangles used: Hitched, Akoya, and Quandary

   In the year 2015, I hope to use all of my Diva entries as RAZ (Random Acts of Zentangle), or as I like to call them Zentangle Acts of Kindness! 
A big thanks and special ((((hugs)))) to all who leave warmness on my blog!!! 
I'd say they look a little tangled!!

Go Put some 
in this 

Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

I don't really know what kind of egg this is, but I found it in our yard. It actually has a bit of blue in it but it is hard to capture that in a photo. I thought it was just beautiful! Since I have a real fondness of eggs, I just had to keep it. (Now it was put to use.)
   And now for catch up from the last,....................4 weeks...........yeeks!

'Walk the dog', gives a whole new meaning when talking about 
yo-yo's. (I never could do that.)
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I think of daisies, when I think of the color yellow! That or the sun. 
sorry so fuzzy

Remember when hair 'crimping' was in, back in the 80's? Well that made me think of zigzag. Picture doesn't show the  fluorescent colors I used, but do you remember that too?
(I think I'm dating myself with this image)
The last Inchie word for 2014! With the Christmas Spirit, in mind, how could I think of anything more magical, than the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ?!!!!!!
My Mooka Holy Family!

   Here are just a few other projects I worked on during the last month.
 I tangled these porcelain stocking ornaments with Sharpie markers and baked them at 400 for 30 minutes. They were gifts for my Bunco friends. (Sharpies don't stay on forever, especially if you are going to be washing the ceramic, but I figured I was pretty safe with these because I gather they won't be getting washed.)

Air Drying Clay Project

This little guy I sculpted with air drying clay. The '$.99 cent' store had these kits for making a Santa, a Snowman or a Gingerbread man with this air drying clay. I have seen this clay at local craft stores too. (Next year I'm going to price the large containers to see if it's cheaper than buying individual kits.) I bought a kit for each kid in both my sons classes and they handed them out as gifts.
In my younger son's class the teacher asked if I would help teach an art project for Christmas, so we actually made the Santas in class. Now mind you, after I had made this lil' guy the night before, I knew that the kid's Santas would have to be made flat and not 3D.
It was a good thing we did!  (Flat Santas were a challenge all in itself.) But the kids made them and then I put holes in them to make them as ornaments to give to their parents and to hopefully have as a keepsake from 2nd grade! It was a lot of fun!!!!

Here's to wishing each and every one of you who visit my blog!
From my lil' family, to yours!!!


sally said...

Well who's been busy then! Lots of lovely art here :-)

Happy New Year & see you next week.


MySpecialist said...

How great to see you! You are amazing! Everything you make is amazing! Happy 2015 to you and yours!
P.S. Do I remember crimped hair and flouro? How can I forget it! :D

Kia said...

Love the egg - how tiny it must be!. Great catch up inchies - especially like the walking the dog yo yo inchie! Well done all. Happy New Year.

David Hunter said...

I enjoyed your Post, Annette. Beautiful work. That is so cool that your are making all of your Diva Challenges into RAZ tiles this year. May 2015 be your best year yet.

Akua said...

totally agree with your entry for the challenge #199.
i had the idea of an opus-tile,every week i would tangle a diva-challenge-inspiered part....did i explain my idea?

Duchess said...

You really were busy. I loved your sparkly daisies. I spent some time looking at your quelling too. I just picked that up last summer. I posted one with my challenge and would love your feedback.

lilystangles said...

Beautiful work :)

Annette P.-L. said...

So much to see here! Especially I like your Diva challenge tile and your fun inchie!
Happy new year to you!

Anne's tangle blog said...

I love the quote on the card and I also love the socks you tangled. You have been quite busy and with great results.

Chrissie Frampton said...

Gosh you have been busy, love your entry for I Am The Diva.

Suzanne Fluhr said...

I'm so impressed by your winter productivity. Try as I might to overcome it, my winter slump seems to impact everything I try to accomplish. I haven't thought about Twister for a long time----a lot better (and more amusing exercise than video games) and, yes, the ultimate tangle-ator. :) Happy New Year.S

Tangles and More said...

You were busy. They all look great. Like how you combined the art and words in your Challenge piece.

freebird7100 said...

I adore all of your work! As always! The egg!?! Awesome! How cool is that! I really love the 2015 header. Showed it to my daughter and she agrees with me, you have so much patience! I really love the 80's revisit! Great work.

bmlilith60 said...

I like the lovely work you did. Your Diva challenge is really great. The egg inchie is very creative. I think it;s neat that you gave art to the kids for xmas.

Marle said...

Many beautiful things you made.
Your egg inchie is great.

Marle said...

Many beautiful things you made.
Your egg inchie is great.

jeanchaneyaz said...

So very nice to see some of your work pop up this week. I love that little egg and the walk the dog is such a cute idea. Your project reminded me of my grown up son who rushes, when he comes for Christmas, first thing each year to check and see if I have hung up the ornament that he made in second grade. Of course I have :)Wonderful to make memories like that for youngsters! Hugs and wishes for the best for the New Year!