Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I Am the Diva, CZT
Weekly Challenge #173
Redux, Remix, and Revisit Comfort Tangle
guest blogger
Sharla Hicks and Tangled Expressions

   So while the Diva, Laura, is in Providence, Rhode Island for the 15th CZT class. She had a guest blogger fill in for her on her challenge. And I do have to say, it is a must, that you visit Sharla Hicks' blog. She is an amazing artist that has a unique style to Tangling. So, thank you, Sharla for filling in and giving us our challenge for this week! (God forbid, what would we all do without a weekly challenge to do? We need someone to tell us what to do!!!) :0)
   Anyway, I actually have quite a few tangles that are my faves! Quite a lot, actually, but I only used 6. Is that cheating? So my redux, remix, explosion would be, to use black paper! I have not yet done a tangle on black paper. So I thought this would be my perfect opportunity to do so! 
   It was quite interesting to say the least, because the shading, and things, seemed backwards to me. Because I was using white,.............right?(shrug of shoulders) Anyway, this is what I came up with. 

I don't know if you can see the Mooka done in black, on the outer perimeter of the tangle. The Tangles that I used were Mooka, 120 Ribbonz, Aquafleur, Quib, Angel Fish, and Quandary.

Please, remember to click on any image to enlarge.
   These are the tools that I used. I started with regular 6"x6" square, black card stock. Then I did my dark, heavy lines with the Permapaque', by Sakura. (That was so much fun to use. It was as if I was painting. It was so smooth and flowed beautifully.) I did have to play a little to make sure I wouldn't get areas of heavy flow. But with a little playing first, it was easy! I'm so sorry, but I don't recall the name of the maker of colored pencils. But they're considered dry markers, and are meant for dark paper. Then of course my Charcoal White pencil for shading. 
   I was afraid to try tangling on black paper. But now I think I might have to do more of it. It was fun and I feel the outcome is more dramatic!!
Thanks again Sharla,
you brought me out of my comfort zone!!
Ciao, til next week!!

Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

   For some reason I couldn't get past the obvious on this one! Let's just say, I took this word personal.
Is it because my kids are out of school right now? Is it because I feel tired all the time? Or, that I can't seem to keep up with everything???? Well, I'm sure all of you other moms can feel, or have felt this way at some time. It's a constant rotation.......
Pick up rooms
And then comes my favorite part
10PM rest, Tangle, Inchies, and computer time.
Wake up,............
and it starts all over again!!!!!!!
   I'm sure many of you can relate!! (I'm not complaining,.................or am I???) 
Mom with her feather duster and a little missed cob web in the corner.
But of course, we do it all with 'love' :0)

Have great week,......... OOOOOOOOOhhhhh, I gotta and go sweep the floors after the little ones played in mud and trampled through the house!!!!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Weekly Challenge, #172
Duotangle: Auraknot vs Mooka

   Now, Mooka is one of my go to Tangles. I just love it!!! Auraknot is a different story! But I have to say, after doing this challenge, it gave me some practice. I think if I used it more often, I would grow to like it more too!! Thanks to Maria and Rick for these two, great Tangles!
Done on light blue card stock.

   I had so much fun doing this duotangle and they flowed so freely, that I had to do two! 

Oh, here's a little sample of some gifts I Tangled. Please take a peek at my last post to see these and a couple other ideas for Zentangled gifts.

   Have a great week, all of you fellow tanglers!!!
go put some Zen,
into this 
Tangled world!!!


Weekly Challenge 

   Now with a word as simple as Lavender, I couldn't think of anything, other, to do,...... but simple! 
   Being that I am a massage therapist, I am way too familiar with Lavender. (Thank goodness I love the fragrance.)

Here I showed the punch tool I used to create this weeks word, Lavender.
   I have had such a busy week, but today I finally found time to do my entry and post it! So, hope your week has been outstanding, and now I wish you a very Joyous weekend!!!!

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Fun and Easy Gifts
to Make

For the Teacher!
   These are wooden frames that I painted white and then Tangled all over! The letters are wooden also and painted in the color of my children's school color.
Please remember, you can click on any image to enlarge!

Bunco Gift Boxes

   These little wooden boxes I purchased at Michael's craft store. I left them in the raw and then Tangled all over them. Too much fun!!! I hosted Bunco for the month of June and for the money gifts, I decided to wrap them up inside a cute little box! The ladies just loved them! (It made me feel good that they were all fighting over them, and they liked them so much!) heehee

I actually used a cheap pen from $.99 store. It did bleed a little but not much. Plus I didn't want to ruin one of my good pens. Then I used my pencil for shading and my white charcoal pencil to add a little more highlights.
   I wrote little messages in each box too! Now when the ladies saw these, they really went crazy!! Kinda like reading a fortune cookie!!!

Just thought I'd share these little gift ideas with you! 
Really,........the ideas of what you can Tangle on are limitless!!
So, go put a little Zen
in this Tangled world!!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Weekly Challenge # 171
"Beads of Courage"

   First of all, I have to say, that this challenge has been the most heartfelt challenge I have experienced with the Diva's Challenges. It has united us all in a deeper way than just Zentangle. Courage!!!! Courage is one key factor that we all have within to keep us going. And when you have a whole support group on the side lines rooting you on, ...............Courage grows!!!! I have already read most of the posts on Laura's linky machine for this week, as I have been trying to finish my tile. My heart feels the pain and yet the outstanding courageousness that each person has shared on their post. So my tile not only goes out to my niece, Katie, but I want to share it with everyone, both child and parents, and loved ones, that sometimes feel courage won't last. It will!! We are all rooting you on, on the sidelines!!! With courage comes unity, trust, hope, faith, charity, love and understanding! Beautiful emotions that sometimes can only be shared through pain and suffering. My prayers, love and ((((HUGS)))) to all that have opened themselves to sharing their story!!!
   As most of you know, I have a 21 year old niece that has been diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer. (I do believe in miracles though.) Anyway, with brain tumors and cancer, a lot of times the person also has to fight the battle of seizures. My niece has been faced with seizures and the unfortunate disabilities that have entered her life because of them. 
   Striving to be courageous in every way, she has had to put her college education on hold, she is unable to have the freedom of driving and living a freer life as any 21 year old should. Having to hold back on independence has been the most challenging for her at her age. 
   As we, her family, are all here to help her, there is very little we can physically do. Except cheer her on, on the side lines and pray!!!! A big part of dealing with her illness, for me, has been to Zentangle. I shared that with my contribution to the CBS Morning Show, effort for Zentangle. Zentangle is therapy and it helps deal with hurtles in life! Anyway, thanks to Maria and Rick, it has opened the door to a new therapy that speaks to so many of us. 
   Here is my Zia, for 'Beads of Courage'
I chose this Zia, to represent the beads on a Rosary. I know I have added an extra decade to it but I know Katie has earned far more beads than this. 

The tangles used on some of the beads are '120 Ribbonz',  and hugz IN kizzez , both in honor of Katie. 

   Prayer and Katie, were my inspiration for this Zia!! The gray represents 'grey matters' ribbon for brain cancer, and the lavender is the color that represents support for seizures. 

   I have asked Katie for permission to write about her journey and with her courage, she is more than happy for me to share it with people. She says it will help bring more awareness to the insight of brain cancer and to learn more about it. She had a picture of her brain on her cell phone as the screen saver. When I saw it I said, "Oh my goodness your brain is so beautiful!!"  And then the more I looked at it I started seeing that it could be used as a string for Zentangle. Of course, with her permission, she let me do so! I told her and I tell anyone else with any kind of illness, "Your brain is beautiful Katie, it's the cancer that is ugly!!" So don't ever stop loving you and your body because of the ugly diseases that are out there!! You are beautiful and you are courageous!!!!
click on any image to enlarge

My niece really likes the Lotus flower, so I chose that over the area where her tumor and cancer are. Positive thoughts and prayer for healing!! I do want to share big "THANKS" to Barbara Geer, for helping bring awareness and prayer to The awareness of brain cancer in support of my niece!!

Me and Katie at the 5K run for Brain Cancer Awareness

Katie, sporting her new wig! Amazing how it looks like her real hair!! 
   I know this has been an extremely long post, but thanks to Laura, it has been an opening to let all of us share a little personal pain and courageousness with one another. And to be supportive of one another also!!  I urge all of you to please visit Laura and her family, at her blog and read about their ongoing courage to fight Moebius Syndrome. And please take time to read all the other's posts and their journey with courage! We can all learn how to be more understanding and aware of every cause, by sharing our pains! We all, in many ways have earned "Beads of Courage!"
We must always count our blessings!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Weekly Challenge

   Ok, I have to say, I was stumped on this one!!! So I asked my husband, "When you think of the word legal, what comes to your mind?" So this one I have to give credit to my hubby.

   I have to confess, when he said '18', I asked him, why 18?  (I have moments where my head is full of bubbles! And no, I can't call them 'blonde moments' cause I'm not blonde, and I can't call them 'senior moments', cause I'm not quite there yet! So let's just call them bubbles!) Any way, silly,........18 is the age in CA that a person is considered a 'legal adult'. You still can't buy alcohol, that's 21, but most everything else you can do.
   Off to EIM, to see what everyone else has come up with for 'Legal'. Please, if your Inchin' to join in on the Inchie fun, do so!!!! It's a lot of fun!!!!
   Have a great week!
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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Weekly Challenge #170
UMT: 'Bugles'

   This is a real quickie this week! Swamped with last day of school stuff for kids. Here's my version of 'Bugles'. Pretty simple but it was fun!
I know a lot of people said 'bugle' reminds them of dragonflies, well, I kinda thought so too! So, therefore, my inspiration!

And now for my Inchie

Weekly Challenge

okie dokie, Zoe, this one's for you :0) 

   When I think of the word khaki I think of a safari so here is my little medley of khaki and safari together!! Very busy week. Just barely making this in time! See ya' all next week!

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