Thursday, June 19, 2014


Fun and Easy Gifts
to Make

For the Teacher!
   These are wooden frames that I painted white and then Tangled all over! The letters are wooden also and painted in the color of my children's school color.
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Bunco Gift Boxes

   These little wooden boxes I purchased at Michael's craft store. I left them in the raw and then Tangled all over them. Too much fun!!! I hosted Bunco for the month of June and for the money gifts, I decided to wrap them up inside a cute little box! The ladies just loved them! (It made me feel good that they were all fighting over them, and they liked them so much!) heehee

I actually used a cheap pen from $.99 store. It did bleed a little but not much. Plus I didn't want to ruin one of my good pens. Then I used my pencil for shading and my white charcoal pencil to add a little more highlights.
   I wrote little messages in each box too! Now when the ladies saw these, they really went crazy!! Kinda like reading a fortune cookie!!!

Just thought I'd share these little gift ideas with you! 
Really,........the ideas of what you can Tangle on are limitless!!
So, go put a little Zen
in this Tangled world!!

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