Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Weekly Challenge

   Ok, I have to say, I was stumped on this one!!! So I asked my husband, "When you think of the word legal, what comes to your mind?" So this one I have to give credit to my hubby.

   I have to confess, when he said '18', I asked him, why 18?  (I have moments where my head is full of bubbles! And no, I can't call them 'blonde moments' cause I'm not blonde, and I can't call them 'senior moments', cause I'm not quite there yet! So let's just call them bubbles!) Any way, silly,........18 is the age in CA that a person is considered a 'legal adult'. You still can't buy alcohol, that's 21, but most everything else you can do.
   Off to EIM, to see what everyone else has come up with for 'Legal'. Please, if your Inchin' to join in on the Inchie fun, do so!!!! It's a lot of fun!!!!
   Have a great week!
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