Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Weekly Challenge #187
"String Theory- Blind String"

   This, as always, was a fun challenge! I felt like I was cheating, in a way, when drawing my string because even though I had my eyes closed, I still could feel where my pen was going. So I also moved my paper around with my left hand while drawing my string. Fun!! 
   I'm submitting two because the first one I used to make a birthday card for my client and friend! She is supposed to come today, so I wanted to give her a card, and figured I would kill two birds with one stone. And then I thought, I am always doing Zias lately with so much color. I'm going to try to stick to the basics of Zentangle. (Well, I almost did it!! But,............) I had a tile, a true Zentangle tile from the challenge B.Y.O.B. and I had used Thai tea to stain it. Well, it didn't dry fast enough for me to use it then, and I've been holding onto it, now, for a while. So, I used it for this challenge!
Hard to see, but here is my blind string. (click on any image to enlarge)

Before color and shading.

Tangles used: 'Blooming Butter'(one of my new Favorite tangles), 'Mooka', 'Ansu', 'Apulia' and 'Showgirl'
Blind string with Thai tea stain.

Tangles used:'Wud', 'Mooka', '120 Ribbonz', and 'Ooples'
   Thank you Laura, for motivating us to stay in our Zen!!!

Thank you to every special person that left a message on my blog last week!!! You bring a smile to my 'every' day!!! (((hugs))) back to ya'!!!

Don't forget,
 to put some
 'Zen '
into this


Weekly Challenge

   As soon as I saw the word for this week, I had to giggle! Because the 'Porcelain Throne', is what came to mind. So I figured I would go ahead and use it. I mean,......after all,.... we all get to be king for the day when we sit on that kind of throne. Right? heehee 
"The Porcelain Throne"

I drew it then cut it out. That's supposed to be a crown on top! I used the 3D tape to make it stand out.
   Ok, so one last joke to go with this theme. Not only can you be king for the day,...........but you can always get a,..........'Royal Flush!!' hahahahaha (okay, bad joke)
Enjoy the rest of your week!

And remember
Don't just go the 'Inch',
but go for the mile!!!!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Weekly Challenge #186
'String Theory, Leaves, Leaves, Leaves'

   I was so excited when I saw what the weekly challenge was this week! One year ago, when I discovered Zentangle, I had a vision of tangling all over real leaves. As I would take my kids to school and see beautiful leaves all over the ground, big ones, little ones, and most of them brown. I thought to myself, these would be just amazing to tangle all over! So I put them in a book and let them get pressed and nice and flat, for a whole year! Laura's challenge, reminded me that I had these leaves all pressed and ready to be transformed! So here is one of them,....the Sycamore leaf! (The other two little ones I just found today and thought that they would look cute next to the big one. They are not pressed.)
(before pic)  The canvas that this leaf is laying on is 10"x10".

Tangles used: Fandango, Ansu, Betweed, Birds on a Wire, Angel Fish

After doing this, one leaf, I now want to make a collage of these. I will keep you posted if I do.

   Fall is my favorite season of the year, even though here in Southern CA, we don't really get a true fall! (It is also, a very special day for me because my middle child was born on the first day of fall, 7 years ago!!! He always asks me to make my famous sugar cookies in the shape of leaves, for his birthday! So I had quite a lot of fun Tangling all over leaf cookies today too! So fitting for this weeks challenge!) 
Anyway, enjoy the colors and,.............. hope you get to,.....Fall into your Zen!!! 

Weekly Challenge

   I wasn't quite sure, again, what I was going to do for this one but then it came to me. Years ago, I visited my cousin in Juno, Alaska, and he prepared an awesome grilled salmon! It is still one of my favorites. Quite simple, and full of garlic!!!! So I present to you the recipe for Grilled Salmon. Minus the directions, because it wouldn't fit on an Inch. If you'd like to know the rest of this recipe, just leave me a message and I will do so! (Heeheehee) 
Have an awesome rest of the week!! And Happy Fall!!!

   Thank you to all who leave such friendly messages on my posts! You bring a smile to my face! I always like to return the favor! Last couple of weeks have been busy, so I hope to do better at that this week.

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Monday, September 15, 2014


Weekly Challenge #185
DuoTangle-Phicops vs DivaDance

   I thought I would go ahead and do a lil' tribute to Laura and her hubby, B-Rad, for their 10 year Anniversary! Many blessings for many, many more years of friendship and love!!!

Before I added color

   Laura, this was a really fun challenge! I loved putting these two tangles together. Perfect harmony! Like they were meant to be together, just like you and B-Rad!

   I'm trying to be more efficient and get things done and organized here at the home front, so my posts are going to be pretty short for a while. 
   Thank you all for your friendly comments and the smiles you've put on my face by doing so! 
Have an awesome week!!! 
Go put some 
into this 


Weekly Challenge

   Okie Dokie, this is not very original, but I tried!! Since last January, when my daughter received a Guinea Pig for her birthday, I have had a whole other schedule added to the already busy schedule that I have. (One more mouth to feed and body to clean up after.)

   If any of you have ever owned or been around a Guinea Pig long enough, when they want food, they squeal like crazy!! Even when Rhino hears my voice, he will squeals because he knows who feeds him!!! Let me tell you, after a year of this lil' guy being around, I would think twice before owning one of these lil' critters!!!
Meet Rhino!

   Thank you for leaving me a bit of sunshine, last week! Sorry I didn't make it around to everyone's blog. We had a camping trip that took lot's of prep. 
Have a great week and we'll see you next week, as we Inch our way around this one!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Weekly Challenge #184
New Official Tangle: 'ING' by Molly

   This week's challenge is to use Molly's new Official Tangle, 'ING'. It was fun, and it reminded me so much of Origami! I thought later that I should've tried to make a swan out of 'ING'. Maybe I'll give that a try another time. Thank you Molly, for such a fun tangle!
Tangles used; 'ING', 'Paradox', Tipple', and 'Maryhill'

Ps. If you had troubles leaving comments on my blog, I think I have solved the problem. But by doing that, all my previous comments were deleted. So I'm sorry if I don't get back to you if you had left a question. I don't have the original comments. But I think the problem is solved. (I will soon find out.) 
Have a blessed week!
Go put some Zen 
into this 
Tangled world!!!

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Weekly Challenge

   Sunday night, I was racking my brain, thinking, what am I going to do for this week's challenge?????? Hmmmmmmmm. Well, so coincidental, my kids happened to be watching a movie called 'Hoodwinked!'. It so happens that in the movie, Little Red Riding Hood, is referred to as, "Red". (They didn't end up watching the whole thing, but it was enough to give me inspiration.)
So here is 'Red'.
I actually had a visual in my head of what I wanted to do, but wasn't sure if it was going to turn out. I don't have fabric around my house. So I had to use paper.

   I used my embossing tool and added some shading. Pictures don't really do things justice sometimes, but there really are ripples in her cape.

   Have an awesome week and we'll see you next week!! 

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


'X-DID' monotangle (for my string, I actually used graduating circles. No spiral on this one)
Weekly Challenge # 183
'UMT- 'X-DID'  by Me (Annette Carlo)

   Welp, you have no idea how excited I was when I found out that one of my tangles was chosen by the Diva's random selector, for this month's UMT! I was flabbergasted!!! I still can't believe it! And I've looked at the tangler's tiles, who have already participated, and I get even more excited to see what beautiful tiles they have come up with, by using 'X-DID'. (Mind you, I am never one of those people who tend to win at drawings or raffles or anything like that, so this has just got me feeling like maybe I should go play the lottery!!!!!!!!) ) (I'll let you know how that goes, if I do. haha) Anyway, I decided to go ahead and enter my Bijou tiles for this weeks challenge. 
click to enlarge

   The one on the left, I used a spiral string. The one on the right I just enlarged 'X-DID' and used a little "Btl Joos" with it. So there we go!
   Then when I found out that 'X-DID' got chosen for the UMT, I realized that this month is my one year anniversary with the Diva's challenges! She's been challenging me for one whole year now and I still look forward to every Monday morning to see what kind of challenge she's going to put us up against. (Just like a marriage, huh? Some challenges are a little funner than others. But we still look forward to the next one!) :0) 
   So I thought I would take you back to my very first challenge. ( you can tell I was a newby and knew nothing about the whole world of Zentangle,......... yet) It was back on September 19, 2013 with Weekly Challenge #136. That's where the madness began!! Life as I knew it would never be the same! ( I know I'm about 2 weeks early for the anniversary post, but with all this excitement, I figured now would be a great time to do it!)
 Next just to show a little of my growth with Zentangle and a little bit of my personal life in the cyclical year of 2013-14 with the Diva! Here we go!
(remember to click on images to enlarge)

Just playing around on my homemade notebook for practicing and formatting different designs
One little word for the year of 2014.
The Diva Challenge; To bring awareness to Moebius Syndrome. Her youngest son Artoo has this syndrome, so it's a challenge that is a tribute to him!
Too pretty, not to share!

Instead of a guest book, for my parents 50th Anniversary, I had the guests sign this. 50 years of happenings in their life! And then everyone's fingerprint.
Here is Cuteness. He was a little dove that I rescued from our new cat that I adopted. Anyway he was just a baby , and we kept him for 2 1/2 weeks , and then set him free! He captured all of our hearts, and we like to think that it is him that we see flying around our yard!! :0)
Bday card for a nephew. A big Angels baseball fan!

The black cat, Shy, I adopted from my sister and then this handsome guy, Oscar, was a stray and settled in once there was cat food around. ( You can tell he came from a home where he got attention because he is such a lover) Don't get me wrong, I don't take in any animal that comes by.
My sister's house before it was torn down. She lived right across from me, and my parents live on the other corner. (the house I grew up in)
Our whole area is being bought out to build big huge warehouses . From a little rural town, now to a big industrial city. Anyway, I guess THEY call it progress!

Oh, I almost forgot about this little guy. My daughter got him, (Guinea Pig) as a birthday present. His name is Rhino!
This project happened because one of my cyber buddies, Jean you know who you are,  put me up to a challenge! On one of my posts, she said that it was time for me to go bigger. Well, I did! And I did all of the watercoloring using Sakura gel pens! I wish I could give reference to the blogger that posted about that but I can't remember. Sorry!
 We had just remodeled our bathroom (it took 3 years before it finally got finished) Anyway, it needed some wall art, and Zentangle inspired me.

Oh, I almost forgot! The week that the Diva had Water for our challenge, it actually hailed that Wednesday! The size of gum-balls! Mind you, all the other days we have been having 100 degree weather!! Craziness!
Last but not least, I've been having so much fun with my Zentangle Acts of Kindness!!
I leave them all over the place! Hopefully spreading 'Smiles'!!
This is what I put on the backs. Either, Zentangle Act of Kindness or most of the time, just Zentangle.

So that is a glimpse of my year, since I met The Diva!!! 

Thanks for hanging out with me! And sorry for such a long-winded post. (I can be long-winded, .......sometimes)
And sorry for the small print. When I start posting a lot of pictures, it seems like somehow I get stuck in the caption mode. (I told you that I am not very computer savvy)
I almost forgot!!!!! My goal is to be a CZT by my second year Anniversary with the Diva!!!! Anyone want to make that their goal with me? I'm shooting for the June classes, in 2015. That's if  they have them then.

   Have a great weekend! And for all of you who have tried out 'X-DID',........THANK YOU!!!!  You made me 'SMILE' from ear to ear!!! Many blessings!!!  XO's Annette 

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Monday, September 1, 2014


Weekly Challenge

      I've always been intrigued by Leonardo da Vinci's art. He was often regarded as the 'Renaissance Man'. The term was applied to gifted people of their age. So I chose a drawing that has always been pretty meaningful to me. I love anatomy and the human body, the muscle structure and how it works, just everything!!(probably why I became a massage therapist) The body is a fascinating piece of art that God created! Anyway, here is 'Vitruvian Man'!
'The Vitruvian Man'
   I feel so bad because my drawing does not do this piece of art justice. Leonardo da Vinci named this drawing after an architect, Vitruvius. Vitruvius determined that the ideal body should be eight heads high. (I guess an Inchie doesn't really allow for a body of eight heads high! hahaha)
   Hope you all have an awesome week! We had the day off today due to Labor Day! So the week will be a short one!
   Many blessings to all!
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