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   Back on my July 28 post, when I posted my new tangle 'Ooples', I mentioned that my inspiration was a woman's blouse in church. (Of course I could not take a photo of her blouse, being that I was in church,......!!) So as soon as I got in the van, I sketched out what it looked like. Her blouse also had another design on it and so I drew that one too, knowing I would have to come up with a way to deconstruct it. 'Ooples' was an easy one to deconstruct, but this other one would take some figuring out!!!
   Anyway, this is what I came up with. If you think there might be a better way of deconstructing it please share your link in my comments so that anybody can see it. I found that it is one of those tangles that can take on many variations. It's quite fun! So give it a try!!
These are actually more variations of this tangle. It really is endless!!
In the above picture, the big 'X-DID' all by itself in the lower right, was the actual design that I had seen on that lady's shirt. The whole shirt and pattern had an American Indian look to it.
   I chose this name because I used, 'X's' as the main part of my deconstruction. It just kinda fell into place! Enjoy!!!
The deconstruction, with 3 variations.

4th variation and completed tile.
This is my outline before I filled it in!

If you look at the first pic, you can see my light string of graduated circles. Then I just turned my paper and added 'X-DID' in each circular strip. 

And the outcome after adding weight to lines and shading, it looks like a flower! Pretty cool, huh?

This was one of my trials before actual doing my final drawing, on how-to deconstruct, for you. Kinda neat how they line up and create a whole new design vertically too!

   I would love to hear if you like it! So please drop me a lil message, if you can!

In the meantime,........
............go put some Zen 
into this Tangled world!

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Unknown said...

What a fun tangle. I love your variations.