Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Weekly Challenge #191
Monotangle: Betweed

   I always love the uniqueness of pumpkins when they have bumps and an array of color and deformity. They are just beautiful all by themselves! But I did decide to use mine as columns for my 'Betweed', monotangle. I kind of did it with a spiral affect.

Remember, you can always click on image to enlarge. :0)

   Laura, Artoo will be in my prayers, as will your family and the doctors and anesthesiologists as he undergoes his surgery!!!! God Bless You All!!!! (((((((HUGS))))))))

Weekly Challenge

   As I remember, a vegetable has no seeds in it, otherwise, it is a fruit. Am I correct? Anyway, as I started thinking about that, I had to really think about what veggies are out there, that I could use for this challenge.  I had my kids help me too. So I hope you can recognize which vegetables these are.

I took the picture with my Inchie on an onion, which is a veggie, right?
So have you eaten your veggies today?

This is partly why I am short of time for blogging. If you haven't seen the Lego Movie, these are all characters from that movie. Stay tuned into my posts to see some 'DIY' on these costumes.

I hope you all have a 
Be safe 
have fun!!!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Weekly Challenge #190
"Pink for Ardath"

   Laura, at the Diva, has asked us to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness, the color of October!!! She shares her heartwarming story about her grandmother, Ardath.
   Unfortunately, I'm sure we all know someone, possibly even related to someone, who has had to suffer from this disease. October is 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', and we are showing our support to ALL who are affected by Breast Cancer.

click on any image to enlarge

Tangles used: '120 Ribbonz', 'Itsy Twisty', and 'Heart Rope'

   I used watercolor paints on this and then my Micron and pink pen. (I really don't know how to use watercolors. I am self taught with all art techniques, so I have not really dabbled with watercolor that much. But as with a lot of things, Zentangle has brought me to the challenge. I now, have the desire and the 'want' to learn more.) 
   Anyway, the coloring looks so different due to the sun when taking the pic. The bottom one is more to the real color.


Weekly Challenge

   Here in sunny California, I have heard of a word very similar to Umbra, which is Ombra! It's a type of hair coloring that is done. Dark at the roots to light at the ends. When I looked up umbra in the dictionary, the hair color idea would work, but I wasn't too sure about it. So I went with another definition of the word.
umbra-a phantom or shadowy apparition, as of someone or something not physically present; ghost; spectral image.
   So that's the one I decided to use. (especially since Halloween is right around the corner)
I tried to make him see through looking. Best I could do!
   Hope this worked! And have an awesome week everybody!!!

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Life has been one big time-limit lately, so I haven't been able to get to everybody's blog and leave messages. (I feeeeeel sooooooo bad, I'm sorry!!) I barely even looked at last weeks entries. So, it looks like it will be that way until the end of the year! So many apologies ahead of time. But my family, home and work need me more right now. I'm hoping to still do the challenges, ( I need some art time to keep me sane) but they'll be sweet and short, probably. We'll see!
   Many blessings and ((((hugs)))) to all! 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Weekly Challenge #189
UMT: 'Yuma' by Tina AKUA, CZT

   Congratulations Tina!!!  It is exciting to have your own tangle chosen on the Diva's challenge!! Well, I loved your tangle Yuma!! I can see that it will be a great tangle for filling in spaces and or to use as a monotangle! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! 
   Step outs for 'Yuma' are HERE, if you want to give it a try!!
Duotangle: 'Yuma' and 'Stripes'
   Hope all of you have a funtastic week, and Thank You, to all who leave a bit of sunshine on my post! You are all greatly appreciated!


Don't forget
to put some
into this

Weekly Challenge

   So you say, what,......? What is ungual? Well, it is the distal most claw or hoof bearing phalanx.
If that doesn't help, than maybe this picture will.
This is my drawing of a Centrosuarus's phalanges, and ungual.
   Welp, I hope that helped! (Whew, this was a tough on this week, but very educational!!)
Have an awesome week, everybody!!!

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Monday, October 6, 2014


Weekly Challenge

   I do not have any Scottish running through my veins, but when I looked up thistle on Pinterest, I did come across this. It is a traditional Scottish luckenbooth. It is given to the bride by the groom as a wedding gift or as a token of love before a wedding. If the couple pins it to the garments of their first born baby, it is said the family will be lucky. 
   So I decided to draw a picture of a luckenbooth, with a Scottish flag in the background. And what does this have to do with a thistle? Well, the Scottish Thistle is in the center of this brooch.

   Have an awesome week!!! 
I think I'm off to working on some projects I've been putting off, for a while now!
See you all next week, as we inch through this one!!
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