Quill It


is my

Design by me (Annette Carlo)

An art form that can be traced back as far as the 1700's. Nuns and munks used this art form, to enhance religious pictures and artifacts. Later, women of wealth and station took to this art. Princess Elizabeth was among one of those women.(it was also taught in boarding schools,for such ladies.) Then, it was called 'fillagree'. Thin strips of paper were wound around a feather called a quill. Hence the name we now know it today, as 'Quilling'.
I started quilling about 14 years ago. My mother and I started together. Right away I fell in love with it. I joked that if you stood still long enough I would quill all over you.
Quilling, art work, on eggs and photo albums were my first projects. And I did that for a while. But then with life and its busyness, I found less time. Soon I was
only quilling at Christmas time, doing snowflakes for family. (Which has been
a tradition I have been doing now for the last 8 years.)
Then I was introduced to technology and  Pinterest and fell back 'in love' with quilling all over again.
There are so many different styles and venues, for this art.
I have been inspired by so many quilling artist out there.
So thanks to you all for bringing this art back into my life!!!
I only hope that I, too, can be an inspiration to someone!!


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