I did these with Pysanky dies. I broke away from the traditional Pysanky designs and I used quilt patterning for the designs.

So, what came first, the chicken or the Egg?
Eggs are so beautiful all in themselves. I love to hold one in my hand.
It brings a calm over me, for some reason. 
Maybe, because the egg represents 'Life'!
And to be able to hold that in your hand is so magical!
 Again, this art is something that my mother had an interest in 
and didn't really pursue it until she had someone to share that interest with.
So, Ta-Da! When I got old enough, we started doing Pysanky, together!
I just 'Love' this art. It is very similar (to me) to Quilling, because
 you need patience!
But all your efforts that you put into it, at the end,
are simply gratifying!
You ought to give it a try!

The other art that my mother and I do on eggs, is 'in the style of Faberge'.
Again, we took this art on, together. A wonderful woman, that lived near us
taught a class on this. It's not something that is easy to pick up on your own.
The tools you need, alone, are an investment!
And the ways to measure and mark your eggs, before you
cut them, has to all be precise. (which can be tricky, when you're working
on an oval canvas) I 'Love' this art too, but with 3 lil' ones, right now,
both egg arts have to be put on the back burner.
The set-up for both, requires a room that cannot be tampered with!
I will do my best at answering any questions you might have with either arts.
If you love Quilling, I bet you would love either of these!

The next time you pick up an egg,
Color it, paint it, whatever it is.
'Egg'spress yourself!
(it doesn't have to be just at Easter!)


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