Thursday, June 19, 2014


Weekly Challenge, #172
Duotangle: Auraknot vs Mooka

   Now, Mooka is one of my go to Tangles. I just love it!!! Auraknot is a different story! But I have to say, after doing this challenge, it gave me some practice. I think if I used it more often, I would grow to like it more too!! Thanks to Maria and Rick for these two, great Tangles!
Done on light blue card stock.

   I had so much fun doing this duotangle and they flowed so freely, that I had to do two! 

Oh, here's a little sample of some gifts I Tangled. Please take a peek at my last post to see these and a couple other ideas for Zentangled gifts.

   Have a great week, all of you fellow tanglers!!!
go put some Zen,
into this 
Tangled world!!!


Weekly Challenge 

   Now with a word as simple as Lavender, I couldn't think of anything, other, to do,...... but simple! 
   Being that I am a massage therapist, I am way too familiar with Lavender. (Thank goodness I love the fragrance.)

Here I showed the punch tool I used to create this weeks word, Lavender.
   I have had such a busy week, but today I finally found time to do my entry and post it! So, hope your week has been outstanding, and now I wish you a very Joyous weekend!!!!

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