Monday, April 7, 2014


Weekly Challenge

   Ok, I'm cheating a little this week. And yes, I know I missed last week. Well, I'm hoping to have a Inchie Minute, sometime this week to catch up on things. But having a major sinus infection doesn't help. (sniffle sniffle) Any who,...... My parents just had their 50th Wedding Anniversary and back in December, I had made all of their invitations. With that said, I used my die cut machine and cut 120 fifties, and 120 zeros. Then I hand glued each one to a cream colored inch of paper that I then shaded the edges to create an antiqued look. (If my family really knew what I went through to do some of the things I did for my parents Anniversary, they'd probably put me in the funny farm.)
Anyway, I hope to do a whole post showing some, how to's, on some of the things I did. So I'm taking the easy route with this weeks challenge. (Really, it was easy at the time ,............but just very time consuming!!!!!)

I removed names and personal info for privacy reasons.

Have an awesome week and I hope to get around to doin' last weeks Inchie. I didn't even have a chance to view any.

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Well I know I didn't make it to the linky machine cut off, but here is my entry for
'Game'. Please take a peek and let me know if you remember that game.

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