Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Weekly Challenge  #163
   First of all, I want to have a "Shout Out" to Rick Roberts, cofounder of Zentangle "HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!" He was celebrating his 60th birthday and while in good company, he discovered this new tangle, Rixty! I really enjoyed it and see that there are soooooo many possibilities. Thanks Rick for sharing your birthday present with us!! :0)  (go to highlighted Zentangle for step out for Rixty)   Now getting to the challenge, being in the theme of Holy Week, I thought it appropriate to  use Rixty in a prayerful matter! I made "Jesus' Crown of Thorns"! 
(click to enlarge) Here's my 'Rixty' ,...Crown of Thorns.
   And then, because I like Rixty so much, I did another one! Still in theme of 'Brain Cancer Awareness.'  Katie keep the 'HOPE'!!
Yellow and gray was inspired by by a fellow tangler. I'm sorry but I cannot remember whose blog I saw it on last week, but it was beautiful and I commented on it too. Thank you for the inspiration!!
   Actually, this 'HOPE' is what Christ so lovingly gave us when he gave His life!!! Have a beautiful Easter!!!!

  Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

   So, when I looked at this week's word, so many things popped into my,............HEAD!!! (funny thing) Anyway, I thought of heads and tails, on a coin. I thought of Mount Rushmore, (but those are mainly faces). I thought of the mannequin heads I had to practice on for cosmetology. Those all kept spinning around in my......... 'HEAD'!! But the one that stuck out the most  was this,..........
   I know, I know,.......kinda gross and yes very male gender, but that's what I kept thinking of! Having had guy friends, brothers and now husband, I have heard this comment way too many times, 'NOT' to think of it. Here in America, men say, "I gotta go use the head" or "the John."! Anyway, I haven't yet had a chance to look at anybody's entries yet. It's just been a way took busy week. But I hope to take a look and leave comments. 

Have a very Blessed Easter!!!
See ya' next week!!

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