Tuesday, April 22, 2014


"Oh Amanda!!!"
Weekly Challenge, #164

   Happy Earth Day, to everyone!!! A day to give back to our Mother Earth!!! (It should be everyday, but let's use this day to focus and reflect on how we can make a change!!) 
   So my kids are celebrating Earth Day at school, and my 1st grader asked me if helping animals, helps the earth... Hmmmmmmmm! I said yes! (Now his teacher said no. But I have a feeling it was because of how he asked the question.) So when my husband got home we asked him, and thank goodness, he said yes! I would love to hear your input on this! We gave some explanation on how worms help the earth, animals eat plants and it helps maintain balance, and fish help keep balance in our ocean reefs!  I could probably think of more,....but anyway! Now that we are here on earth, what ways can we make personal changes to help maintain balance and keep our Earth Flourishing?
(click on image to enlarge; Tangles used Quandary, Diva Dance, and (clouds?)

   I decided to go with a Zia! A tree, waterfall, green and blue, and then a dove with a branch from an Olive tree, for 'Hope'!!!! In hopes that our Earth will go on for generations to come!!!
   Back in January, the Diva's Challenge, #150 was 'One little word', and my submission for that would also work for today's Earth Day challenge!!!


 "'HOT' Off the Press!!!"  
Weekly Challenge 

   I had so many things run through my head on this one!! But, 'Hot off the press' and 'Hot Pink', went well together, so I used them both!! Can't wait to see what everyone else came up with!!!

Have an awesome and blessed
Easter Week!!!

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