Monday, March 17, 2014


Top O' the Mornin'
Weekly Challenge #159

   I have to confess, this first one I had done last St Patty's Day, but it was before I knew about the real Zentangle! So, I thought I would share this Zia with you now! (The three leaf clover is to represent the Trinity, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The four leaf clover is supposed to be 'Good Luck', that's if you can ever find one :0) )!
I actually used this for a birthday card for my nephew. He was born on the 17th! (and as you can see it was done in a book I had bought to practice doodling.)
   This next one I did was a quickie and hopefully later I can do one in more of the true Zentangle style. The horse shoe is also an Irish symbol of Good Luck!
This Zia is made up of my tangle 120 Ribbonz (step out here) and Schway
   Have an Irished Blessed Day and Week!!! Watch out for the green beer!!!
*My niece is having her first treatment today so I'm asking for prayers. The treatments will last 6 weeks. So continued prayers are needed, please!! Thank you,.....and God Bless You!!! XO's
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Weekly Challenge

Here's to Tom Hanks for an Awesome movie!! (cover picture for DVD)
   I tried to think out of the box on this one!! But I may go back and do an original forest Inchie, because I love, love, love drawing trees.! In the meantime, have an awesome week!!
Love to all!
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