Monday, March 10, 2014


Weekly Challenge #158
Diva Dance + Crescent Moon

   Let me see you Diva Dance underneath the Crescent Moon!!! Here at Call it What You Quill, I'm still supporting brain cancer awareness and what better way, than to throw in some dance moves, under the perfect lighting, to show that 'gray matters'!!

   What a fun challenge!! Thanks Laura!! You always stretch our imagination! I would never, on my own use just these two tangles together, but you bring us to the challenge!!! That's what I love about your challenges! They kinda force us to go places we may never go on our own. You're constantly stretching our imagination!!! (That would be a cool name for a tangle! I might have to put some brain work together!!)
Have an awesome week!
And as always, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!
Okay, I have to admit, I had so much fun with this challenge, that I wanted to have a little more fun! After seeing so many other entries that added color, I just had to play a little more!!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Share some Zen, 
in this Tangled world!!
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Weekly Challenge

   This week's challenge was inspired by my marriage! My husband and I met, when I was 34 and he was 36. So it was a pretty big deal that neither of us had been married before or had children (especially in this day and age). Anyway, we felt that the long wait to find each other was so worth it. So we had messages 'Engraved' on our rings.  
His reads
"Patience Reward",
and mine reads
"Enduring Love."
So either way you read it, mine first or his, it has the same meaning! Patience Reward brought us Enduring Love!!! Enduring Love is our Patience Reward!!

   (By the way, if anyone ever comes across, a size 12 platinum and gold, men's ring, that has engraved, 'Patience Reward' on it, let me know! My husband LOST his ring 2 years ago!!! Grrrrrrr!!)
And that's no joke!
Hope your week is a 'Fab' one!!
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