Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Weekly Challenge #160: 
"String Theory: Spiral out, Keep Going! (v.2)"

 I used tangles Quib, and Jax
    I kinda went simple and quick this week. I have two more weeks until the big day! My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and I am the event planner!! On top of that, we went camping this past weekend and you know what that means when you get home..........Lot's of laundry and clean up!!! Wait,.........there's more! My kids have a two week break from school!! So my next two weeks are gonna be a little bit CRAZY!!!!  But,........there's no way, that I'm gonna miss a Diva Challenge!!! As always, Laura, a great challenge!!!!!
My three little munchkin's trying to fall asleep!
It got down to 40 degrees in early morning! So. CA. people not used to that cold temps!
Fishing, but no luck!!
True camping, our families 1st time!! Loved it!!!

Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

As in 
'Figure of Speach'

   I decided to look up the word 'figure' in the dictionary and found 22 different (noun) definitions. So I decided to use it as a rhetoric. 

I know, a bit 'silly', but imagine a butterfly, or any bug, with ears?

   As I mentioned up above, I am to be VERY busy this next two weeks, so without missing a challenge, my entries might be a little quick and not up to par. 
Have an AWESOME week!
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