Friday, February 15, 2013



This was a blank page in the book I bought, about doodling. As you can see, in the upper right corner there is a brown mark. Well, that is on the page and it states that it is a practice page. Well, I tried my best to camouflage it into the picture. But it bugs me every time my eyes go there!!

Pretty amazing what you can do with a blank, white piece of paper, huh?
This is my own design!
And it is my third, zentangle (doodle).
I used gel pens for the whole thing.
I tell you what, if you think you want to give 
zentangle a try, just search it on Pinterest!
There are so many beautiful, wonderful, mind boggling designs
to help get you started! That's what I did!
And then this being my 3rd one, I think I'm getting the hang of it even more!
There really is no 'wrong' kind of doodling or zentangling!
Just let yourself create and get lost in , ..........nothing! 
Your mind doesn't have to even work!

(Next one, I will try to remember to take pictures as it progresses.)

This is for the 
Valentine's Weekend!
(Why limit it to one day?)


Please let me know what you think! For all of you quillers, this is a great way for creating new quilling designs! Go zentangle and then quill!!!


Caz said...

Thank you for this post! Came here for your quilling and ... BOOM... now I've learnt a new word today... zentangling! I'd always liked those doodle/graffiti-type drawings and never knew it had it's own word! Lots of googling/pinteresting ahead of me, but from what I've seen so far, I think I have a new craft-craze! :D Hehe <3

Unknown said...

Caz, you gave me a good chuckle!!! Thank you! That's kind of how I felt when I stumbled upon Zentangle/Doodling!! I saw it on Pinterest and I identify with it so much , I guess, because it's like quilling but with ink! And boy is it fun, and Addicting! So watch out!! And what's nice is, you really only need a black pen and paper. And what woman doesn't have that in her purse? Right? So you can doodle anywhere!! I hope you become a follower on my blog. I try to give as many bits of helpful info as I can. Having kids and work and everything else, I don't always have large blocks of time to blog and/or create. Right now I'm working on two quilling projects, but I do have to say, I have been quite interrupted because of my new addiction, Zentangle!!!! I know if you like Quilling you'll most likely like Zentangle, or vice versa!!! It is so nice to meet you and by any means, please feel free to ask any questions that come to you. The world of quilling is like one big family. 'EVERYBODY' is soooo friendly!! Take a peak at my favorite blogs for quilling that I follow. They are all awesome!!! And that's just a few, compared to what's out there!! World Wide!!! Take care, my new friend, Peace be yours, Annette :0)