Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hand Painting Egg in likeness of Deruta Ceramics

Missing "Momma Linda"!!

A dear friend of mine just moved back to her
'true home', ....Italy. As I am very happy for her
I do miss her. 
I had made this egg for her last year. 
Unfortunately, she could not take anything with her
back home, so she gave it back to me.
It was kind of nice, in a way, because it
is a memory of her.

I had forgotten to take pictures of this before I gave it to her so when I received it back, I was able to do so.

 I hand painted it, in the likeness of the Italian ceramic pottery, Deruta.
I like that pattern. Plus I thought it would add a nice 
Italian flair to it!

I had troubles getting my colors exact to those that are on the plate.

 <3 I miss you, Linda! xo

Like I have said before, you never know where your inspiration 
may come from when it comes to creating.
That's the beauty of art!
Anything that your eye finds beautiful, 
you can do something with it 
and translate that beauty
into something that others will
be able to enjoy, also!

Go,....create and inspire!!


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