Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Weekly Challenge #149
I Am the Diva CZT
It's so nice to be back in the fun with,The Diva's Challenges!! Thank you Laura for all your hard work! And Thank you, Suzanne Wilka, for organizing all of our photos into those nice slideshows!! It's so much fun to see them all together, and how different each one is!!
Psst! I have a secret,........ I am FINALLY using one of my Zentangle tiles! I haven't wanted to use them because they are soooo pretty even with nothing on them!!!  (can you believe that? hee hee hee)  (Click to enlarge) 
Let's Party!!!
The New Year always brings in such a feeling of renewal and rebirth!!! So it, definitely, is a reason to celebrate!!! Four years ago, those words really meant renewal and rebirth for me because my daughter was born!!!! So yes, we get to celebrate really big!! And believe it or not, she stayed up until 12:00 for count down. And then after  50 people sang  "Auld Lang Syne, we sang Happy Birthday, to one, overly tired but feeling like a princess, little girl!!!!! (Talk about feeling special!!)

"Touched by Humanity"
This is my second entry for
Diva's Challenge # 149
*Humanity-Kindness (n)

I actually shared this on my last blog post. So if you have a minute, please go to Happy New Year 2014, and it'll explain the meaning of this New Year for me!! And hopefully inspire someone else!


Share Humanity

"Alice Blue"
Every Inchie Monday's
Weekly Challenge

As did a lot of the other artists, I Googled "Alice Blue". And I did see Theodore Roosevelt's daughter, but I also did see a song called 'Alice Blue Gown'. The words are written by Joseph McCarthy and the music by Harry Tierney. The song is about a dainty blue gown and how it had little  Forget Me Nots on it, here and there. So that is my depiction of Alice Blue! I still am thinking of Alice in Wonderland though!! 
Please remember to go to Every Inchie Monday and look at all the other entries and possibly get inspired to join us!!
Share Humanity

Twinchies Challenge

So this was the first thing I thought of when I saw this word! A metallic bustier and briefs! (I know, it's not my best, but it'll have to do). Bev, I'm so glad that your back and doing a weekly challenge!! Yeah!!!! Happy New Year!!
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