Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Weekly Challenge #152

   Laura, from I am the Diva blog, has challenged us this week to use the new Tangle by Maria, the founder of Zentangle. It is an amazing new Tangle,..........and fun!!! It lends to so much freedom and playfulness! Plus,..........I just LOVE the name!!! (it is what it sounds like!)
   Anyway, you might say I have been stuck in this heart mode. I just want to draw using hearts, lately! So this is my depiction of 'Aquafleur'! Don't forget to go on over to the Diva's blog and check out all of the other entries for this new and beautiful Tangle! And give it a try yourself!!!!

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Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

   OK, don't give me a hard time for my choice of a picture for 'Ballet', butt, (hahaha, no pun intended), being that I am a massage therapist, I always watch ballet dancers with such intensity! I am amazed at their muscle control and love watching how the muscles are put to use. I guess you could say the kinesiology of ballet, is phenominal!!!! So this was my 'quick' attempt at trying to portray ballet, for this weeks challenge!
   Please don't forget to take a peak at all of the other fabulous entries! The Inchie world is growing, so why don't you join in the fun!!!! 
   Thank you to all who left messages on my post last week! XO's. I know I didn't get to leave messages on all of your blogs, I tried! Some weeks are a little crazier than others and it seemed to be an overwhelming one!
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Twinchies Challenge Blog
Weekly Challenge

   This was kind of hard for me, because I am not a person that really has movie star idols! But there are amazing people in the world that have done great things, so I kind thought I would go with that!!
"In this life, we cannot always do great things.
But we can do small things with Great LOVE!!"
Mother Theresa
Ok, please don't be to hard on me with this portrait, but I have never done portraits before . So this is the best I can do!!
(it really is hard to create wrinkles!)
With that in mind, 
may the rest of your week be blessed!!

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