Monday, January 13, 2014


One Little Word
I Am the Diva CZT
Challenge #150

Humanity- (n) the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence
Humanities-the study of literature, philosophy, art, etc.

   So there you have it! My little word for the year!! See what, Share Humanity means to me, and how I want it to be a big part of my year, 2014!!! Maybe you'll feel the 'ripple effect'. Last year was, Peace! May Peace be Yours!!
   I just want to say, I'm a little late in getting my word out, but have come down with the flu! I thought I would just use my original Humanity Zia, but I really wanted to do something different! So this is what I came up with. (The 'BIG' picture of my word!) In the meantime, I have looked at all of the other entries for The Diva's Challenge, and my heart just overflows!!! All, and I mean, ALL of the entries that I have looked at and read, are so INSPIRING, and BEAUTIFUL!!! I can just feel everybody's passion in each word they have chosen! And the whole time, I'm nodding my head thinking , yes, that is an awesome word! So my hat tips to all of you, for such beautiful and heartfelt posts! You all have such AWESOMENESS!!!!! Love to you all and hopes that all your little words hold dear all year long!!!
   Okay, okay, I had an epiphany, a new word came to me today!!! Since I haven't been well, I have had to sit around and just be!!! Well, tonight after dinner, I was just sitting there staring at my new little journal. I decided I wanted to break it in. So, I'm sitting there and thought, " I just want to PLAY!!!" And then I thought about it. How many times in my day does my little girl or my sons, come to me and say they want to play. And how hard it is for me to say, "I'm busy and or I can't right now." Why is it that as adults, we forget how to Play????? I am such a routine, follow the rules, and gotta have a plan and think things through first, ...kind a girl that sometimes I have a hard time to get in that Play mode!!! So, let's just say, I'm gonna call 'Humanity' my BIG word and this will be my 'little word'!!! 'PLAY!!'  I'm gonna try to be more playful!! (Why should that be so hard?)

play-verb- amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretense
play at- engage in without proper seriousness or understanding
I tried to pick Playful tangles to use for this!! No rules, no thinking and planning, no do's or don'ts, just playing!!
Share Humanity

Every Inchie Monday
Weekly Challenge

'The Italian Horn'
 Cornicello or Corno in Italian, is an 'amulet', to protect against 'the evil eye' or 'malocchio' (maloik).  Superstition has it, that it protects from wrongdoers, infertility, and jealousy and envy.
It is to also bring good luck!
   So, yes, I do have one!!  I got it from my Italian Grandma years ago!! It's in the picture to the left, and then I quilled one for the picture below.
   Ya' gotta love your heritage!!!

Share Humanity

Twinchie Challenge

   Ok, so this is a long shot,......... but I was thinking of a film of something on something, for this challenge!! So I started storm braining,......what leaves a film? And I came up with 'Suds'!!! (or a film of bubbles) So here is my Twinchie with suds and bubbles on dishes!
If you're an Incher, don't stop there!!! 
Go on over to Twinchie Challenge, and join in on the fun!!!
Have a fabulous rest of the week!!

Share Humanity

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