Monday, December 9, 2013


Weekly Challenge #148
"Happy Merry"

 I first did the lettering in gold gel pen and then I used pencil to do all of my tangles and then faded all of my lines. 
"This is what Christmas means to me!!!!"   
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"Thank you Laura for always putting so much of your time and talent into these wonderful Challenges! And I am so looking forward to all the different ways people celebrate their  holidays!!!
Enjoy your vacation and do hope to see you in 2014!! " xo
After I took my picture I just felt it needed color! Because that is what Christmas is about too!!
I just want to give a thanks to Kate Ahrens CZT at 1 Art Lady Kate, you were my inspiration for the holly, using Laura's tangle Boo*Kee*, from last week! I just fell in love with your challenge entry and it was perfect for adding a little color to my entry this week!!!  Thanks!
I know it is a busy time of the year with hustle and bustle, but may you find that quiet moment
and find
*Please remember to visit my blog even though there will be no Weekly Challenge from the Diva. I have a real time consuming piece I've been working on as a gift for my secret pal in Bunco. I want to share it with you. It will be Zentangle and Quilling together! So please don't forget to stop by next week!!! And if you Join and Follow my sight, you'll be the first to see it as a pop up and/or on Google!!!

(thing is, sometimes, things find you,........)
Ever have that happen to the bottom of your shoe???? So did your shoe find it or did the gum find your shoe???

For all of you Inchers, we'll see you next week!!!
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