Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Weekly Challenge #147 UMT v.XXIII
"Oh BooKee Tree"

When I drew my string for this one, I wasn't really crazy about it and then I turned it upside down and that's when I thought of a Christmas tree!!! So that's where it all began!!! BooKee would work wonderfully as a garland on a tree! Anyway, once I started, I thought, what did I get myself into? I should have made my Featherfall much larger. This took me two different sittings to finish it! Anyway, it was fun!!! Thanks Laura, for creating such a fun tangle and for sharing it with us!!!
Zentangles: Featherfall, Boo-Kee, Purk and Fengle
Close up. To enlarge click photo

"Crazy,......not me!"
And yes, sometimes in this busy, crazy, life of mine, I feel like I need to be put in one of these kinds of jackets. The good Ole' Straight Jacket!!! I don't know if these are still used or not but this is my version of the word.

Straight Jacket:
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