Thursday, December 19, 2013


Every Inchie Monday
   This week was not difficult for me to come up with something, but it was hard for me to decide which one I wanted to use. So, I'm using them both! I kept thinking of the days I took my pregnancy tests to find that "I was Pregnant"!!!!Seeing those two pink lines meant that I was pregnant!!! 'PURE JOY'!!
   I also thought, JOY means, the gift of waking up to each new day!!! 
   Not only am I waking up each day, but I am en'joy'ing my three kids, my husband, and basically 'LIFE'!!!! And that's when it hit me,..........LIFE is JOY!!!!
I put my Inchie's on eggs to take this picture because I love eggs and they symbolize  'life'!
Please go to Every Inchie Monday, and take a peek at the other Inchies and maybe you'll get inspired to join in the fun!!!

Peace be Yours

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