Saturday, August 2, 2014


Zentangled Acts of Kindness

   Oh my goodness!!! I am soooo excited about this! From the Challenge #178, at I Am the Diva, CZT, I found Ginny Stiles CZT, at An Artist Labyrinth. If you go to her blog you will learn about her idea of sharing Random Acts of Kindness. I read her post and got so excited because I believe in those little acts of kindness that can turn a person's day, or even life around!! So THANK YOU SO MUCH GINNY for sharing your idea with us all!! 
   Since she put this lil' bee in my bonnet, I just had to do something about it! And Fridays, here at my house, are a little less hectic so I was able to do some playing!! This is what I came up with.
   Now for starters I am using artist drawing paper.(Not quite ready to use my Zentangle tiles.) Anyways here is the paper I used.
click to enlarge
   It is quite a flimsy paper, but I love the texture and it is tan in color. Which allows for touches of white to be used. (I don't know it just feels like it is homemade. I love textures.) It is also very inexpensive. So I can play all I want and not feel scared of mess ups. 

These are the fronts of the little cards.  
   I did find the Washi tape and used it at the fold just to give some durability.  I also used some punch tools (as I also love those) to add to the edges of the fronts of the cards. I had so much fun with these.
I cut my paper 3"x6", so I could fold them and they would be an equal 3"x3". If I do more and represent Zentangle, I will make them the standard 3.5" cards. 
   I used tangles that I thought might lend to cute little messages inside. And here are the insides of the cards.
as always, click on image to enlarge
   So the upper right hand corner card (looking at the front of the card pic) has wild patterns. So I added inside, 'Have a Wild day!' For the upper left card, that reminded me of bubbles, I wrote the bubbles comment! ( Really, how many of you can say 'bubbles' without smiling?) They go hand in hand. If you don't recognize the tangle in both of those two tiles, it's because it is my new one called
'Ooples' (click on it to view step outs)! I'm having so much fun with this one. I think it's because it's so easy and because there are a lot of possible variations with it. 
   So I can't wait to leave one of these little cuties somewhere. Oh, and you thought I was excited, should've seen my kids and their response to what I was doing. The two older ones understand the concept and they want to help me figure out where to put these. I told them I could leave one, every now and then in the school office for the secretaries. And keep it anonymous! Hee hee, I can't wait!!!
   Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about my little cards, and/or go to Ginny's blog and leave her a comment. She would love to hear how she inspired someone else! :0)
   Thank you, again Ginny for sharing your inspiration. We all, can make the world a better place, one Zentangle at a time!!!! Please do go to Ginny's blog, Here, (this is another post about her Random Acts of Zentangled Kindness). You gotta just love this idea and how we can make a difference. 
Pay your Zen forward!
And let's help
Put a little Zen
into this tangled world!!

Totally Awesome
 Share Humanity 

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