Friday, August 15, 2014


Soul Mates

    Sometimes, you just know, that two people were meant to be together. Well this little story is about two wonderful people that I know and how God had a plan for them both!! 
   Dave married Angelica, I want to say about 15 years ago? Anyway, they have one son of their own and then an adopted son. After having their 1st son, Angelica found out that she should not have anymore natural children of their own because she had a kidney disease and it would be life threatening if she did. So that's when God gave them another son to take in and they were to call him  their own. Beautiful family!!! 
   Well, just this past year we were notified that her kidneys were failing and that she should have a kidney transplant in hopes that she would not need to go on kidney dialysis. So people put their info in to donate their kidney to her. I don't know a lot about this whole process, but I know they try to find one that would be most compatible to the receivers body.
   Well, Angelica's husband Dave turned out to be the most compatible! So this last Wednesday, Dave donated one of his kidneys to his wife Angelica. Meant to be!!!! They are doing well, but all prayers are welcome to continue recovery and so that her new kidney will be happy and find itself at home in her body.
   God Bless you two with a long continued life together!!!
   Here is my tribute to them!

   Since the two of them have such a love for their faith, I decided to go ahead and do a depiction of 'The Sacred Heart of Jesus'. Showing their love for each other, and God's love for them!!! Amen!!!!

God Bless All who are ailing and sick may God grant you health!!

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