Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Weekly Challenge #180
UMT- MacDee by Anneke Van Dam

   This is a quickie this week, as it is a very busy one!! If I have a chance to do another and hopes to visit everybody's blog and leave some messages, I will do so! Meanwhile have a blessed and happy week!! 
Tangles used: Amoeba and MacDee   (remember to click on images to enlarge)
   I just want to send out a thank you to all who left messages last week!! You're a light to my day!! (((hugs))) :0)

Weekly Challenge

   Wow, this was a tough one for me this week! Didn't know what to do! Do I even have anything that is the color ,......plum???? Anyway, I went with a punch tool again! And created,,,..........well,....what else, ......but a ..............'plum'!!!
I used my balloon punch tool, and then cut and modified it. I also used vellum paper and embossed it to create a round ball like shape.

Once I had my plum's shape looking the way I wanted it, I then added color to it to create my best visual of a plum.

Welp, have a 'plum' of a week and we'll be seeing ya' next week!!

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