Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Weekly Challenge #179
'Be Like Bijou'

   So, Maria and Rick, creators of Zentangle, have a whole new addition to their Zentangle family. Bijou!! Now he's a cute lil' guy, but personally if I find snails,..................well, you don't want to know  what I do with them. (Well, when you're a gardener, there's a good reason why ya' don't care too much for them.) I do have to say though, snails are cute! And 'Bijou',............well, he is,... "The Cutest Lil' Snail, Ever!!!" It must be because he's from Paris! :0) 
   Anyway, I think I had a visit from 'Bijou'! tonight, as I was working on my new 2"x2" tangles, I looked at the window nearby and guess who I saw? You guessed it 'Bijou'!!!(he is an adventurous lil' guy)

See that spot on the window. The big spot! (don't mind all the dirt) It's 'Bijou'!

Here's a closer view. He was a being a little shy and hiding in his shell.

      So to celebrate Maria's and Rick's new family addition, they have done a tribute for 'Bijou' by creating a new tile in his name. So,.......... "Welcome, Bijou!!"

Here are my three 'Bijou' tiles. The top one that says Cuteness, has 'Feather  Fall', and 'Feathers'. The tan one has 'Pokeroot', and 'Zuan Shi'. The lower right one has 'Tucked  In' and 'Ooples' (my newest tangle, find step outs Here)
   I rather liked the new tiles, because I love 'little'!! Anywho, make sure you give them a try and Relax, Breathe and Slow Down. (Simple words from 'Bijou') 
   I will have to tell you my inspiration for the cuteness tile, as our family has had a feathered friend join our family, recently.
  Do have a lovely week and, as I could also take advise from 'Bijou'. "Slow and Steady!"
Thank you to all who take the time to leave thoughts and friendly comments! You put smiles on my face!!  ((hugs))


Weekly Challenge

   This is what came to mind!

    I was thinking a little on the romantic side for this one! 
Have an awesome week!
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