Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Weekly Challenge #143
UMT v.XXII- 'Cruze'
by Caren Mlot, Tangle Mania!

Some of my lines are not real solid, a little waverly, but that just means I need to practice this tangle!
 I really did like working with this tile, though. It looks difficult until you see how Caren breaks it down. Anyway, I used Cruze, Angel Fish, Triadz, and a little bit of Zuan Shi!
So don't forget to pop in and see everybody else's version of 'Cruze'.
over at Diva's Challenge!


I used my Micron .005 pen, (LOVE those tiny itty bitty nibs), and my egg punch tool, and then I altered it!

So many bottles that contain poisonous and harmful material, if swallowed, have this symbol on them. (I guess this could also be a danger notice for 'PIRATES AHEAD'!!!!) haha who knows…?

Check out all the other Inchies,
They are a lot of fun to make!
Seriously, on an inch by inch square,………
what might you be able to create with and inch and one word,…?

Have a Blessed Week

Peace be Yours


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