Monday, November 11, 2013


I Am the Diva CZT
Weekly Challenge #144
"A Bugs Life"

It's funny how kids can be an inspiration in so many ways! I asked my three lil' kiddos what bug I should put in my challenge this week. And of course, each one came up with a different one, so I had to put all three of them in there!
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I camouflaged my Praying Mantis, amongst Aura Leaf, my little cricket is an Eye Hook, and my snail is Snaylz Trayl. And of course I had to add my favorite, Mooka!! I used Sakura Souffle' pens for the pastel colors (those are the Sakura pens I have, so I wanted to use them). I also used watercolor paper, which I found the Sakura Souffle's to work wonderfully!!!
I gotta 'bug' on outa here,
so have a Blessed Day!!
Ps. please check out the Sakura YouTube video "A Bug's Life In a Zentangle World."
Peace be Yours 


Every Inchie Monday's Weekly Challenge,
the word is
Okay, so my inspiration for the wide mouth frog, comes from a joke. And it goes like this.
   There once was this little wide mouth frog. One day he decided to visit all the other creatures of the world. He came to a duck and asked her (with his wide mouth) "Ms Duck, what do you eat?" She told him she ate little fish and bugs. He said he ate bugs too. Then he saw a giraffe and asked, "Mr Giraffe, what do you eat?" He told him he ate leaves and so the frog went on. Soon he came to a crocodile. "Mr. Crocodile, what do you eat?" "I eat wide mouth frogs," said the crocodile. So the little frog 'puckered' his lips and said, "Oh is that so?" (ba da bump! hahaha) 
   It's actually funnier when you see the person telling the joke. Anyway, maybe you could share that with your little ones. My kids love it!!!
Take a peak at all of the other entries for this challenge, and then come and join in!

:0) Peace be Yours

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