Monday, November 18, 2013


Bobbles, Bangles, and Quibs
Weekly Challenge #145, New Official Tangle, 'Quib'
I Am the Diva CZT

I had a lot of fun with this one! Thanks to Rick and Maria, founders of Zentangle, for always coming up with new and exciting Tangles to keep us all inspired! And thank you Laura, for always challenging us to use these tangles, every week!!! You're awesome!!!

Anyway, I first thought of the ocean and something moving freely in water. Then I went to the dark side and envisioned one of these evil creatures from one of my husbands favorite movies, The Matrix!! But yet again, inspired by my one of my kids, I went with jewelry as my inspiration to create this one! My daughter plays with my old, somewhat broken and tangled pieces of costume jewelry. And it rather, looks pretty!! So here it is!!

click on image to enlarge
I used bronze, copper, and gold gel pens I bought at the .99 Cents store!
Here is another photo that I used Noir effect on my phone ( I just finally figured out how to add it to my blog!.... Technology,  it's a love / hate relationship!!)
They work really well. And then I used the tangles
Confettus, Ragz, Pendrills, Heartvine, and Cruffle. Be sure to visit I Am the Diva CZT, and Zentangle! Also visit Linda Farmer at Tangle Patterns to learn how to do so many tangles and strings!!

but for me I know there are a lot of things older than me!!
And yet, things I grew up with are 'OLD' to my kids!

So here's some trivia!
1)What was the brand of this phonograph?
2)In what state did this phonograph get made?
3)What was the dog's name?
And last but not least,
4)What year was this picture published in a magazine?

Don't forget to check out what else is "OLD", on 

Twinchies Challenge

I used chalks for the background and drew the silhouette and used my white Sakura, Souffle' pen . Just don't look too close at their faces, heehee, I didn't do the girls justice!!

I don't know how familiar any of your are with this Television series that ran from 1976-1981.But can you tell me the names of the actresses that played the original Charlie's Angels cast? If you guessed Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson, you are right!!!
Thanks Bev, from Twinchies Challenge
for presenting, yet another fun challenge!!

Enjoy your week!

Peace be Yours

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