Saturday, November 23, 2013


Artwork and Design by Annette Carlo (copyright)

This is going to be a special thanks to all those who got me interested and inspired to start my Zentangle Path!!!
   My journey all began on Pinterest!! I started a board that I called Zenfundoodle! I had no idea that there was an 'official' art form called Zentangle! As I would pin, I somehow came across the real "Zentangle"!!! The wonderful creators and founders are Rick and Maria! "You two have no idea how much your art form has affected my life! Yes, One stroke at a time!!! I thank you, every time I put pen to paper!! You have changed my world, for the better!! Many Thanks and many Blessings!!" Then, as one blog led to another, I came across, Laura's blog, I Am the Diva, CZT, with all of her challenges! "Oh my goodness!!!!I never knew and now I want to be a part of this wonderful family of Zentanglers! Laura your challenges actually make it easy to create, because someone is telling me what to do!! Thank you!!"(It's kinda like when I have to make dinner and the hardest part is figuring out what to make. If someone just told me, it would make my life so much easier!!) And then once I started entering in her challenges, (which has only been two months) I have met soooooo many wonderful artist out there!!! And I'm talking, all over the world!!! "So my hat's off to all of you, Thank You, for being so inspirational and sharing your beautiful work , week after week!!" And then there's Linda Farmer, at TanglePatterns. "Thank You, so much for listing all the different zentangles, official and non. I bought all of your editions of Tangles, once I found out there was such a thing!" I had started a notebook, on my own,  from Pinterest, to Diva's challenges, to Zentangle, and to Tangle Patterns. I have quite a lot of patterns now and look forward to many new ones!!! So here's my big Thank You, to all of you!!!

Rick and Maria, Zentangle
Linda Farmer, Tangle Patterns
Zoe Brener, The Specialist
Bev Tonks, Twinchie Challenge
Trillian, Every Inchie Monday

(this list will grow as my Zentangle Path continues)

Peace be Yours 

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